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Experience of NFT exchange element

2021-08-25 21:26:17 Fun coin

E-books in recent articles , I have mentioned many times NFT trading platform OpenSea, It is the largest in the world NFT exchange .

But it may be because it is an overseas platform , There is no Chinese , So many domestic users are still not used to OpenSea, Therefore, it is insulated from many overseas potential projects . This also makes domestic users in NFT There is a growing gap between the field and overseas .

A similar one was launched in China some time ago OpenSea Of NFT Token trading platform Element. If this platform can adapt to the usage habits of Chinese people , Let domestic users buy and sell NFT Tokens are more convenient 、 More easily , Will be to the majority NFT Token investors are a great convenience , Therefore, I have been paying attention to the development of this platform .

Recently, this platform has been launched Beta edition , Its website is 

 About NFT exchange Element The experience of

In terms of layout and structure , Its design basically imitates OpenSea Of , If used OpenSea It's also easy for users to get started . However, there are still many areas worthy of optimization in terms of details , One of the most important things to optimize or necessary is the sorting function .

We use 8 month 20 Projects launched on the Internet MASKHUMAN For example , When we click on this item in Element After the home page in , What you see is the following interface :

 About NFT exchange Element The experience of

When I use OpenSea Want to buy a floor at a buy it now price NFT When it comes to tokens , I will first enter the main interface of this project , Then choose to rank all the listed items on sale by price from low to high NFT Sort the tokens and buy the one with the lowest price .

And in the Element This Beta edition , I can't find the sort button . Like up there MASKHUMAN I didn't find its sort in the main interface of this project , This makes me want to buy the floor price, but I can't start . I don't know why such an important function doesn't exist in this version . I hope it can add this function in the next version of optimization .

On the whole , Because the website is all in Chinese , So in terms of browsing and using , It's quite convenient for Chinese people , I estimate that more and more people in many countries will use this platform in the future .

Specific to the projects listed in the platform , I probably looked at , In addition to overseas well-known top flow projects , A large part of the projects are estimated to be created by domestic teams .

What I introduced above MASKHUMAN yes 8 month 20 Items on sale on the th . This is a similar NFT Avatar project , It has 1 Ten thousand heads with masks .Element The platform has greatly promoted this project on its twitter , The project sold out soon after it went online .

I didn't participate in its launch , But I'm also interested in it , So I went to the platform and wanted to buy a coin at the floor price . But the price displayed on the full screen really made me retreat —– It's almost all there 0.3 individual ETH above . You know, the selling price of this project is only 0.06 individual ETH, On the day of sale , The price in the secondary market has doubled 5 times . Compared with similar overseas projects , This increase is really exaggerated .

Because the website has no price sorting function , It's also hard for me to find out what the lowest buy it now price of this project is , So I didn't buy this project .

But I think if you go online later Element Similar projects still go up as soon as they go online 4、5 Times the state of development , I'm afraid it's important to train domestic users to enter NFT The field will be a very disadvantageous factor .

On the whole , Both the platform and the projects on the platform still have room for improvement in many aspects . I still very much hope to have a convenient for domestic users NFT platform , In this way, more and more people can easily enter the gate of the meta universe .

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