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New infrastructure of Web 3.0 adds a strong general: is cloud computing platform a positive solution?

2021-08-25 21:26:15 Fun coin

The Internet has developed since the last century , existing 30 years , Human life is deeply affected by it .

Our way of life 、 Way of communication 、 The social development model has changed qualitatively under the influence of the Internet .

from Web 1.0 To Web 2.0, Users from passive recipients of content , Become a provider of content , Co builder of the platform , During this period, countless Internet were born + Enterprises , Giants and grassroots stand in the forest of Commerce .

Web 3.0: Paradigm shift of data

Web 3.0 The new infrastructure has added strong generals : Cloud computing platform is a positive solution ?

But whether it's Web 1.0 still Web 2.0, With the generation of a large amount of data on the Internet , Continuously converging to centralized servers and commercial institutions .

Data monopoly has become a stumbling block to technological innovation and progress , The world needs a new set of Web 3.0 Paradigm promotes data equality from a technical perspective .

The development of the world is inseparable from the renewal and iteration of new technologies ,Web 3.0 The changes brought by the Internet have brought the Internet to a new level of development .

Computer scientists and Internet experts believe that , These changes will make the Internet more intelligent .

The development of blockchain technology is Web 3.0 Give higher expectations , And is expected to break the monopoly of traditional Internet giants , Create a new free world .

2020 Year is DeFi The year of the outbreak , A new wealth creating effect .

Decentralized address accounts 、 Free deployment 、 Smart contracts and autonomous and frictionless flows Token It proves the value and landing of blockchain , Also for the Web3.0 Bring an almost perfect solution .

If blockchain is one of the important technologies of the next generation Internet , So cloud computing is a big leap in the information age .

However, now the centralized cloud service providers are facing high costs 、 The dilemma of less resources , Data loss also happens from time to time , Therefore, the popularity of cloud computing has not been smoothly promoted .

here , The combination of blockchain and cloud computing undoubtedly brings a new breaking point for Cloud Computing .

4EVERLAND Maybe a newcomer under the opportunity .

Technical architecture and user interaction

Web 3.0 The new infrastructure has added strong generals : Cloud computing platform is a positive solution ?

The figure shows the technical architecture of the project

4EVERLAND Is one with global acceleration 、 Privacy protection 、 Characteristics of distributed storage technology Web3.0 Cloud computing platform .

Its presence IPFS A consensus driven Swarm、 It's greatly improved Data I/O Efficiency and development based on TEE Proven storage challenges .

With the help of Swarm More stable content storage 、 More efficient content distribution 、  Faster network access and file reading , from TEE Hardware assurance to prevent storage fraud .

4EVERLAND A developer application has been launched specifically for developers :4EVER-HOSTING, It has been officially launched , Support DWeb Hosting and other functions .

Web 3.0 The new infrastructure has added strong generals : Cloud computing platform is a positive solution ?

The figure shows the interaction of participants

One touch access Web 3.0、 link IPFS.

4EVERLAND  In the application layer, it provides customers with services such as  DWeb  trusteeship 、 Decentralized gateway 、 Decentralized domain name 、 Digital marketing system 、 Tools and protocols such as data services , Quickly assist developers in one click access  Web 3.0, Realization and IPFS Same track operation of .

Web 3.0 The new infrastructure has added strong generals : Cloud computing platform is a positive solution ?

We all know , Present Dapp Are mainly deployed in The etheric fang On , With Ethereum 2.0 Function realization , I believe there will be more and more complex applications , Enrich the blockchain ecology .

However, most public chains, including Ethereum, do not have their own data storage layer in the underlying architecture .

It means Dapp The problem of trusted computing is solved through smart contract , But you can't avoid trusted storage 、 Trusted access , Especially front-end trusted storage 、 The problem of trusted access .

obviously ,  Centralization 、 The licensing system 、 Single node data service mode , It is impossible to meet the rapidly growing Web3.0  Users' needs for service security and freedom .

4EVERLAND  Then aim at this pain point , be based on  IPFS  And Ethereum's underlying technology , Committed to providing a distributed network 、 high efficiency 、 Self motivation 、 Low cost data hosting network , Cut in quickly Web3.0 Cloud computing market .

First from Dweb trusteeship 、 Distributed storage 、 The gateway accelerates its global start , Gradually develop computing power , Finally help global developers in Web3.0  Efficient in the world of 、 Safely realize your product ideal .

The opportunity of the times , Crawl along

The development of the Internet has 30 year , Our ancestors built a complete and mature development system for us , Go deep into the hearts of all developers .

In the process of developing the underlying infrastructure , The developers , Then the world , If any emerging technology leaves the developer , It is difficult to have long-term and rapid development .

4EVERLAND  In design , Taking into account the development experience of traditional Internet , And simplify a series of processes , Realization 30s You can quickly build a network based on Web3.0 The site of .

This is important for both traditional Internet developers and emerging Internet developers Web3.0 It's definitely attractive for developers .

At present, in the traditional field of Cloud Computing , Almost by Amazon cloud 、 Gu Ge Yun 、 Microsoft cloud 、 Alibaba cloud 、 tencent Cloud and other monopolies .

Ordinary users are also increasingly dependent on platform software , The risk of Internet leakage is rising sharply .

We have seen some traditional centralized cloud service providers  ( Such as ali cloud , Qiniuyun , AWS etc. )  Gradually joined in IPFS And other decentralized storage projects based on blockchain .

On the one hand, it shows that traditional service providers have smelled the development trend of decentralization , On the other hand, it also reflects the potential value of cloud computing projects .

4EVERLAND No doubt standing on Web3.0 The tuyere , And chose a track with a very broad market .

But objectively speaking ,Web3.0 and 4EVERLAND  There are still early stages , There is still a long way to go in the future , We need to continue to wait and see .


With the maturity of blockchain and cloud computing technologies , Through the analysis of cloud computing platform and 4EVERLAND Understanding of the project .

We have reason to believe that , In the future, blockchain will be used as the underlying technology , Cooperate with the existing basic services and innovations of cloud computing to accelerate the development and application process , Make a truly credible 、 Reliable project .

Except for many Web3.0  Applications provide storage value and computing value , It can also meet the huge demand of enterprises for storage and computing in the intelligent era .

So as to help enterprises reduce IT cost , Digital upgrade with higher efficiency , So as to better serve the future .

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