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DAPP industry overview in July: the heat is rising, with about 1.4 million independent users every day

2021-08-25 20:31:47 DappRadar

2021 year 7 This month once again proved the exciting and rapid pace of development of the decentralized application industry . The rise of games to earn money , And high-value non homogenous tokens (NFT) The establishment of collections , It promotes the development of the whole industry . However , Decentralized Finance (DeFi) The competition continues to heat up , Part of the reason is the emergence of Multi Chain paradigm .

The blockchain industry seems to be moving from 5 Recovered from the downward trend since the collapse of cryptocurrency in June . Since the beginning of this month , The prices of bitcoin and ether have risen respectively 18% and 17%. The same trend occurred in dapp field , Only in 7 month , Every day 140 More than 10000 independent users participate in . This is more than 6 Month by month 23.72%.

last year , In the so-called DeFi Summer of the year , We see thousands of users involved in DeFi field . Some people started their blockchain journey , Experience the benefits of enhanced decentralized Finance , These include attractive mobile mining and innovative products , Such as Aave Flash loan . This year, , There is no doubt that is NFT and dapp Game fever . 

Playing profitable games shocked the whole industry , And quickly become a trend . With low transaction costs and high scalability ,Ronin、WAX and BSC Equal chain is some of the most commonly used in the world dapp The location of . Besides , image Axie Infinity The success story of economic growth in the Philippines may be a key factor in the widespread adoption of the game .

On the other hand ,NFT The collection will not be forgotten .CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)) This collection of blue chip avatars has become NFT Established reference for . The trend of reserve price just shows , Head portrait NFT Will become a unit of value in the near future . Besides , The additional utility of these collections is attracting communities in unprecedented ways .

Last ,DeFi The field is becoming more stable . Competition for multiple agreements continues to heat up . With Aave and Sushi etc. dapp Expand its functions beyond Ethereum , The Multi Chain paradigm is in full swing . With Polygon Of QuickSwap And other newer projects are quickly adopted , It's not surprising to see organic growth in this field .

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Important points

Industry Overview

Playing profitable Games brings a subversive revolution (Axie,Alien Worlds)

BSC Development in games

NFT Continue to flourish

Virtual land sales in the metauniverse !

NFTs Major events in the field

Deepen understanding DeFi Competition in the field

Multi chain analysis


Important points

Only in 7 month ,dapp The domain has registered more than 140 Million daily independent users ; More than last month 23.72%. 

BSC Is the most used blockchain ,7 The number of independent users exceeded 658,000;WAX With 336,000 In second place , Ethereum is now 105,000 In third place .

Axie Become the most valuable... Ever NFT Collection , Trading volume exceeds 8.3 Billion dollars ; Only in 7 Month produces 6 Billion dollars .

BSC There's a game of making money on the Internet ;Cryptoblades Have more than 316,000 An independent user , At the same time, more than 430 Ten thousand dollars of trading volume .

Top Ethereum NFT collection (CryptoPunks、Meebits、VeeFriends and Bored Apes) Still increasing ; The total increased by about 250%.

Virtual lands between different metauniverses increase their value ;A Sandbox Land to 863,000 Sold in dollars , And a few Axie The transaction price of land exceeds 50 Thousands of dollars .

OpenSea The market is valued at 15 Billion dollars , Coca Cola and Decentraland cooperation .

Ethereum exceeds 800 $ TVL stay DeFi Stay ahead of the competition , More than last month 23%.

PancakeSwap Still the most used of all protocols dapp,7 The number of users exceeded 200 ten thousand , The trading volume reaches 220 Billion dollars ;Twitter Fans over 100 ten thousand .

QuickSwap yes Polygon The most used on dapp, Its DEX attracted 135,000 An independent user , At the same time, more than 50 Billion dollars of trading volume .

Industry Overview

The blockchain industry continues to show signs of increased demand . High activity is recurring .NFT With record sales and increasing NFT The number of holders broke the previous bad mouthing .DeFi Areas also show signs of growth . The most representative DeFi dapps Increasing its TVL, This is a key indicator for understanding this area .

However , The most encouraging thing is the game field , In this field , Making money through games dapp Is providing a huge driving force for the industry . Now it seems , The traditional game mode is changing . Players around the world are realizing the benefits of the in-game mechanism provided by blockchain games .

Whether through observation DeFi、NFT Or the game , This field is growing exponentially , At the same time, its use is also increasing significantly . The whole industry is about to move towards the stage of large-scale use .

Playing profitable Games brings a subversive revolution

Playing earn games is creating its own microeconomics . Last month, , We issued a special report , To emphasize the Axie Great success has been achieved . Despite some technical problems , As a result, thousands of players cannot access the game platform , But this game not only maintains a huge amount of usage , And it's still growing dramatically .

7 month ,Axie Become the most valuable... Ever NFT Collection , More than 8.3 Billion dollars . This one is based on Ronin The game of 7 It hit a new high in January , Trading volume exceeds 6 Billion dollars . This is stronger than the already strong 6 The month grew 453%, Impressive .

dapp source :Token Terminal

Such a huge sales volume is also consistent with their rapid growth in social media channels . Last month, , The game in Twitter and Discord The number of fans on the website exceeded 70 ten thousand , This positive trend continues . Besides , According to the Token Terminal call ,AXS Governance token help Axie stay 7 Month created more than the whole Ethereum 、BSC And more revenue from bitcoin blockchain .

dapp although Axie The great success of has dominated most of the headlines , But others who play games to earn money dapp The achievements can not be ignored . for example ,Alien Worlds and Upland, Their use is also increasing .7 month , be based on WAX The number of independent wallets of the game has reached 904,000 individual , This indicator has increased 32.06%. as for Upland, Usage is also increasing .EOS The game is registered 151,000 A separate wallet , Than 6 Month by month 17%. 

Games where players can get higher returns are becoming the mainstream , Especially in emerging economies . The trend of making money from games is changing our understanding of games . Players begin to pay a small fee to unlock special functions , Switch to daily rewards through their actions in the game . With the continuous development of blockchain to seek a better user experience , Mass use may come faster than ever .

BSC Development in games

In this year ,BSC It has become one of the top blockchains in the industry . Coin security intelligent chain network is the most commonly used protocol in the industry ,7 On average, there are more than 75 Million independent users .

BSC To some extent, it mainly depends on DeFi dapps and NFT Has achieved its current success , But in recent weeks , The game has made greater progress . In this month , some BSC The game has achieved milestone progress in important indicators .

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CryptoBlades It's a game to play and earn money , Now it has become second only to PancakeSwap The second most commonly used dapp. This battle game attracted... On its first day 58 Million independent users , At the same time 5,000 More than million transactions have created 9,200 More than $million in revenue . Usage has increased over last month 12,000%. The game supports traditional combat mechanisms , Players can spend SKILL(CryptoBlade Native token of ) To improve their soldiers . Besides ,SKILL stay 7 month 24 The day has come to 187.07 The dollar's all-time high . In this month ,SKILL The value of has increased by about 6,900%.

dapp source :Coincecko

Another game that performed better than expected dapp yes My DeFi Pet. The number of daily independent users of this virtual pet game has increased month on month 660%. It will DeFi Collection combined with reproductive skills , To improve the overall condition of pets , To get a higher reward .My Defi Pet stay 7 Month attracted 172,000 An independent user , In this process 5,400 More than $million in trading volume .

As the game continues to grow , We need to continue to monitor the above dapp. Take advantage of low cost and high scalability ,BSC Hope to copy in DeFi The success of the project .

NFT Continue to flourish

In the last few months , Some people and the media are talking about NFT The field is about to show a downward trend . Now? , This negative trend not only did not appear , And on the contrary .NFT The phenomenon has reached an unimaginable level a few months ago .

As a whole , Only in 7 month ,NFT Sales in the field have exceeded 12 Billion dollars . except Axie Infinity Outside , about 80% From Ethereum's primary and secondary markets . although FLOW Of NBA Top Shot and WAX Of Alien Worlds Are the two projects with the largest trading volume , However, the largest share of transaction volume still occurs in Ethereum .

dapp source :DappRadar and Coingecko

CryptoPunks、Meebits and BAYC And other mature projects continue to bring high returns to the holders . With the sharp increase of market demand , The reserve prices of these products continue to rise .

Encrypted punk and Meebits Our trading volume is growing in an impressive way .Punks The trading volume of the series is 1.254 Billion dollars , Than 6 The month grew 576%.Meebits The trading volume of 1,470 Thousands of dollars , Than 6 The month grew 305%. Although these two collections seem to be cooling down , But the market is not yet saturated .

dapp source :DappRadar

One side , Celebrities from different industries become Punks and Apes Our latest buyer , Added value to already established communities . stay 7 End of month , We see right NFT The first large-scale investment in , Three arrows capital (Three Arrows Capital) Bought thousands of Ether Collection of , Mainly focus on Ethereum based NFT Punks and Art Blocks.

When existing projects continue to flourish , Investors are trying to embark on the next upward project . Whether by creating new projects or buying directly in the secondary market , Ethereum projects are on the rise .Royal Society of Players and Stoner Cats When the collection is sold out in a few minutes . The latter attracts so many users , So that the whole Ethereum network collapsed due to the fuel price war in the mining process .7 month 23 Japan ,Mila Kunis To launch the Stoner Cats Sold out in a few minutes , Thousands of ethers were spent in the transaction costs .

Because there are dozens of... Every month NFT Series launch , It's important to know as much about a project as possible before buying . Besides art itself , The team 、 Community and add-on functions are often factors that make a project successful in the long term .

Virtual land sales in the metauniverse !

In the virtual world driven by blockchain , Players can build a game experience and even monetize it , This trend is also rising . Such as this month NFT As shown in the sales ranking , The sales of digital land are considerable .

The Sandbox It has become a virtual home for many projects in the blockchain industry . When creating a digital experience , Virtual land to well-known dapp Or personal well-known land is very critical , because , The appreciation of these lands is predictable .

dapp source : DappRadar

although The Sandbox、Decentraland and Upland In the blockchain driven virtual world , But there are several other projects aimed at integrating virtual land in the near future . for example Axie Infinity.Axie In game mining reward mechanism will be added to the game mechanism . therefore , The virtual land in the genesis plot is becoming more and more popular .

In the near future , There will be more meta cosmic cooperation , And more like Aavegotch Such project support benefits from owning virtual land , It can be expected that digital real estate will be in NFT Secure its value in the trading market .

NFTs Major events in the field

In recent months ,NFTs It has gradually become one of the main driving forces of the industry . Only in 7 month , Ethereum's leading NFT market OpenSea It came into being. 1.675 Billion dollars in sales , This is an increase over previous months 101%.

As for NFT A significant increase in demand , The latest market valuation seems to be in line with this trend . Two weeks ago ,OpenSea financing 1 Billion dollars , Estimated to be 15 Billion dollars . With Polygon Integration with other blockchains such as Qian'an , This number may rise .

On the other hand , Coca Cola, one of the world's most Collectible brands, announced its first NFT series . In the process , Red brand NFT stay OpenSea Auction , raised 217ETH about 543,750 dollar . The collection also contains a variety of collectibles inspired by Coca Cola , Including in Decentraland Unique custom wearable props worn inside .

dapp source : OpenSea

Deepen understanding DeFi Competition in the field

indeed , stay 7 month , The industry is mainly composed of NFT And the game field . However , There is no reason to ignore DeFi Bright performance in the field .

Overall speaking ,DeFi Another month of growth in its most important project . Despite the limitations of high fuel cost and low scalability , but dapps And its underlying protocols are also actively looking for ways to provide users with better products to improve their experience . This further leads to higher utilization , And then growth .

Just TVL for , Ethereum still dominates . The main reason is Uniswap、Aave、Compound and Curve Occupy TVL 44.16% Share . at present , Ethereum owns 836 $ TVL, Of the whole industry 70% above . Compared with the previous month , This data implements 23% The growth of . Compared with Ethereum's price , In Ethereum TVL It's also growing . stay 7 month ,ETH On the rise , increased 17%.

dapp source : DappRadar、DeFistation、Defillama

BSC stay TVL Performance is second only to Ethereum . The Qian'an blockchain is in TVL More than a 210 Billion dollars , An increase over last month 7.63%. Most of its value comes from PancakeSwap DEX Driven .PancakeSwap As the most used of all protocols dapp Maintain a leading position , Only in 7 There are more than 200 Million independent users . The dapp There are 80.8 $ TVL, More than last month 16.28%. Besides , according to LunarCrash The data of ,PancakeSwap stay Twitter The number of users on has exceeded 100 ten thousand , At the same time, social participation users have exceeded 400 ten thousand .

dapp source : DappRadar、DeFistation、Defillama

PancakeSwap Of TVL The dominant position is slightly lower than that in previous periods .dapp Current share BSC TVL Close to 38%. On the other hand ,Venus and Alpaca Finance stay TVL Rapid growth in .Venus Of TVL Current share BSC TVL Close to 15%, exceed 31.5 Billion dollars , rose 25%. and Alpaca Finance At present 15.8 $ TVL, Occupy BSC TVL Of 7.25%.

Polygon Of TVL Rank third . Value is 45.5 Billion dollars , rose 8.38%.Polygon 65% The above TVL come from Aave、Curve and Sushi, They all make full use of the Multi Chain paradigm . On the other hand ,Polygon Of QuickSwap Is one of the most used dapp. The decentralized exchange is in 7 The month attracted more than 161,000 An independent user , rose 11.83%. Besides ,QuickSwap It also produced 45.3 Billion dollars of trading volume .

dapp source : Coingecko、Defillama

about Polygon Come on , Compared with the previous month ,Matic The price of has gone down 9%. since 6 Since the month , The number of users on the chain has increased 24%, It promotes the realization of the network 17% The growth of .

DeFi The industry is undergoing an important change . The structure of Ethereum limits its expandable potential to some extent . With Tezos and Terra Wait for the blockchain to enter DeFi The world , More users and better experience will benefit the whole industry .

Besides ,DeFi Also looking for a way to connect with traditional finance . Those recognized financial institutions are passing ETF( Exchange traded funds ) Get into DeFi field . Although industry regulation is still a major obstacle to the development of decentralized financial industry , but DeFi The industry is still promising .

Multi chain analysis

Although at present DeFi The outlook seems to be in the growth stage , But behind the internal growth is driven by many factors . One of them is the Multi Chain paradigm , It can achieve the same function in a cheaper and more scalable blockchain .

for example , Just TVL for , Leading DeFi dapp Aave Has reached the 129.2 Billion dollars . by comparison ,The ghost dapp Of TVL More than last month 2.7 dollar . although Aave Agreement 85% The lock volume of is locked in Ethereum , But compared with the growth in Ethereum 33.5%, stay Polygon in Aave Of TVL increased 43.2%.

dapp source : DappRadar、Defillama

Another benefit from trading across multiple chains dapp yes Curve. In Ethereum and Polygon On , As an automatic market maker (AMM) Of Curve Of TVL The total amount exceeds 75.7 Billion dollars . It's like Aave equally ,Curve Of TVL Month on month growth of nearly 11%. although Curve Of 93% Locked in Ethereum , however , It's still there Polygon Of TVL Implemented in the 21.39% The growth of .

The multi chain model seems to be developing . At first , Some are hosted on the Ethereum blockchain dapp Just expand its services to Polygon Or on the coin security smart chain , But lately Apeswap and Paraswap etc. DeFi dapp Decide to extend to multiple blockchains , A more integrated ecosystem may be in the future for DeFi The development of .


As I said before ,“play-to-earn” Business model games are creating their own microeconomics .Axie Infinity The huge impact is in other blockchains “play-to-earn” Types of games provide a direction for success . With the excellent performance provided by coin an intelligent energy chain , as well as Polygon The latest series of attractive games in the blockchain ( Such as Aavegotchi and MegaCryptoPolis), so to speak —— game 、DeFi and NFT Has become a dapp Ecosystem “ Three swordsmen ”.

Games dapp rely on “play-to-earn” The mechanism has become the focus of attention , but NFT Nor did it fall behind . Blue chip collections still maintain their proud status . Pixel projects on Ethereum always interact with the community , In most cases, the effect is even better than expected . With NFT New investment models have emerged in the field , For example, the entry of venture capital and large-scale user purchase NFT,NFT There still seems to be a lot of room for growth in the field . How the industry treats Ether Respond to potential fluctuations in prices , It's worth monitoring .

Last ,DeFi The future looks promising . front 3 The growth of large blockchain proves that : Although most of the focus is on NFT And games , but DeFi There is still much room for growth . With the important update of other blockchains such as Ethereum and wave field , Its prospects seem clearer , We look forward to more new opportunities for product diversification , Maybe there are new ways to create passive income .

To make a long story short , The industry looks as competitive as ever , And shows signs of increased demand in its most important areas . Several projects are creating positive experiences and new ways of investment across different vertical areas . With the continuous development of blockchain industry , We seem to be one step closer to the goal of large-scale adoption .

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