Chain news , Ethereum core developers Tim Beiko stay 8 month 20 On the content review of Ethereum core developer teleconference on May, it said , Basically all teams agree , except Eth1 and Eth2 Beyond the consensus change of the merger , There are other important things to be done in the next few months , Most of them are clients that need to optimize the performance for merging 、 Better separation of consensus engines, etc . In view of this , The participants agreed not to 12 Monthly progress 「 Function bifurcation 」(feature fork), This means that the difficulty bomb may be delayed , Add other 「 A few 」(one line) change , But there will be no new... Before the merger EIP.

Chain smell note ,8 month 5 Ethereum completed on the th 「 London 」 Hard fork upgrade , Contains 5 Core EIP improvement , One of them is to postpone the difficulty bomb to 12 The first week of the month EIP-3554. before 7 month Tim Beiko Once said , if ETH2 Merge not in 12 Month to complete , Will delay the difficulty bomb again .

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