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In depth analysis of the sustainability of gamefi chain games from the underlying technology and business logic

2021-08-25 18:40:53 Amplio capital amber Capital Research Institute

writing :Analyst Ashley.R

2021 year ——GameFi The first year of chain Tour

if 2020 Year is DeFi The first year of the outbreak , that 2021 There is no doubt that GameFi The first year of chain tour .

According to the DappRadar Statistics ,2021 year 4 month 18 Number , The number of transactions in the chain travel sector was as high as 4807 Billion dollars . The users of chain travel plate are up to 7 month 31 The number exceeds 78 ten thousand , Over the beginning of the year 170 times , from 3 month -7 month GameFi The number of daily active wallets increased 700%. By 2021 year 7 month 30 Japan , The chain tour market attracts investment nearly 10 Billion dollars , and 2020 For the whole year of the year, the amount is 7200 Thousands of dollars .

2021 year 8 month ,Axie Infinity  transcend  NBA Top Shot  Become a phenomenal product , Its cumulative trading volume exceeded 10 Billion dollars , Record high . By 8 month 18 Japan , Its governance token AXS Current market value up to 40 Billion dollars , Ranking the first 40, The price has risen by... Year to date 132%. And it's in 7 The month produced gas It costs more than other encrypted assets , Including bitcoin and Ethereum .

DAO source :CoinGecko

According to the DApp Statistics company Token Terminal data display ,7 month Axie Infinity The revenue of the agreement is the ranking of the whole network agreement revenue 2-10 Bit income comprehensive 4.2 times .

According to the TokenTerminal data ,7 month 28 Japan ,Axie Infinity Revenues 1848 Thousands of dollars , One day's income has exceeded that of Tencent mobile games 《 Glory of Kings 》2 times ; By 8 month 17 Japan ,Axie Infinity near 30 One day's income 3.34 Billion dollars .

According to the Sensor Tower data display ,2021 year 7 month 《 Glory of Kings 》 The income is 2.31 Billion dollars . The monthly income of representative works of blockchain games can compete with traditional games .

DAO2021 year 8 month 17 Japan dapps Close to blockchain 30 Daily agreement income


DeFi And GameFi

The development process of chain tour has experienced 3 Stages :1、 Game currency chain ;2、 Game equipment, props and other assets are linked through NFT Confirm the right in the form of token ;3、 The internal logic and core rules of the game are linked .

from 2017 Year to 2021 year , Chain games have emerged Axie Infinity The phenomenal product of this game , Driven GameFi Pattern (DeFi+NFT+ game ), Even more remarkable play to earn「 Play and earn 」 Pattern —— Play and earn , The token assets obtained by players in the game can be bought and sold .Axie The monthly income of Philippine players in the game can exceed their own income .

GameFi, namely Game Finance ( Add financial elements to the game ), Or the more core model is called Play to Earn, It's essentially a money game .GameFi It's actually PoW+DeFi, Gain by spending time and energy through games , There can be no original funds , and DeFi Based on proof of interest (PoS) Of the consensus mechanism , Need to have the original cost of capital , Income from mining .GameFi Medium DeFi The ingredients are mainly reflected in :NFT Game assets are decentralized , Can participate in providing liquidity and some pledge mining .

GameFi The point is to play games ,DeFi The focus is on mining .GameFi Yes, it will DeFi The mining process in has replaced , Money is not a necessary condition , Time and energy are the key conditions for benefit . Users have to play with those characters and props , You have to win complex game levels and strategies to make money , Compared with mining , This path is much longer , Therefore, the project will have a longer life cycle . If the economic model and game playing method of the game itself are designed to be more mature and perfect , The longer the game will last . and ,DeFi The project charges only 0.3% about , and GameFi The project side has many benefits 10 More than twice , Charge arrival 3%+, The project side also has more capital flow to feed the game .

For ordinary users , Yes DeFi The understanding cost of mining is much higher than playing games , Therefore, the chain can swim out of the circle , It can attract users from Southeast Asian countries , That's why at the moment GameFi Project revenue can even exceed most DeFi One of the reasons for the project .( Refer to the previous figure :2021 year 8 month 17 Japan dapps Close to blockchain 30 Daily agreement income )

According to the DappRadar data display , By 2021 year 8 month 16 Japan , The number of chain Tours has reached 838 individual .

DAOAxie Infinity Development path map , source :CoinMartketCap

Advantages of chain games over traditional games

at present , Many traditional games are free to play Free mode , Including the most profitable 《 Glory of Kings 》、 Popular games 《Pokémon Go》 and 11 Day income 1 A $100 million mobile tour of Japan 《Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds》, Game developers earn revenue by selling game props , But one drawback of these games has gradually been discovered , You must krypton gold to continue to complete the level , Otherwise it will get stuck .

But traditional games are not without innovators , such as 《Roblox》, Other developers and designers can make their own games and props in this game , And sell it to other players , In exchange for virtual currency Robux Revenue . Display according to data ,27% Game costs flow to all game developers ,25% Flow to app store ,12% To invest in and support the platform , also 27% To the game itself .


But traditional games don't get through the system , Therefore, the transaction of game assets is blocked , Can only be traded within the game , Usually, traditional games only receive items or virtual currency rewards , And no control . The game reward in blockchain games is encrypted assets , You can buy and sell freely on the chain .Play to earn The game also opens the channel for legal currency into gold , Use a credit card , This greatly reduces NFT The cost and threshold of the game , Can absorb players outside the circle .

In the field of traditional games , For players , Centralized game companies will take away most of the game revenue , Or because of centralization , It is difficult to protect the interests of players . In the field of blockchain games , Most or almost all of the revenue belongs to the players themselves , This is the most primitive attraction for players .

For game developers , Because of the maturity of the industry , Oligarch concentration continues to rise , For example, Tencent and Netease occupy half of the market share , Traffic and resources are monopolized by some companies . meanwhile , Small and medium-sized game developers are under great pressure to survive , Customer acquisition costs are getting higher and higher , However, there is little room for the improvement of user payment rate and profit . In the field of blockchain games , It's only three or five years since it really started to develop , Except for the outbreak this year Axie Infinity, There is great potential in other segments .

2020 year , Top of the world 100 Total revenue of listed game companies , Year on year growth of up to 23%, Occupy 2020 Of total game market revenue in 94%( Excluding advertising ). at present , The world's largest game company is Tencent, a technology giant from China .

Blockchain games give the initiative to players , Restructured developers 、 The relationship between players , It has great penetration and development potential .

DAO Chain games corresponding to different types of traditional games

Gamer source —— The game guild &DAO

Even if the underlying technology of the game has a breakthrough , The richness of game content is gradually improving , But there are no users , Everything will become worthless .

Philippine Game Association  Yield Guild Games (YGG) Put forward a Axie scholarship (Axie Scholarship) project , It has Scholar The player 、 managers 、YieldGuild The guild has three roles . Managers are responsible for developing and training new people , Guild organizations do not have direct contact with players , Mainly through managers .

because Axie The initial setting of this game needs to have 3 individual Axie Pets can start playing , The cost of hundreds or even thousands of dollars can persuade most people , And managers will 3 individual Axie As a team, rent to the applicant players , So players have little upfront cost , And with 3 individual Axie Start earning... In the game SLP Tokens, . The player gets the income according to the player 70%、 managers 20%、 Guild organization 10% To distribute .

Players can also pass YGG The guild allows other players to use their own Axie, And earn from them SLP Get a certain score .

YGG Games that have invested or plan to invest :Illuvium、LeagueofKingdoms、F1DeltaTime、TheSandbox、StarAtlas、ZEDRUN etc. .

YGG This model of guild organization is not very difficult to imitate , The encryption game guild may gradually develop into a DAO organization .DAO For some purpose , Decentralized organizations that can organize people form , To invest or accomplish something , It will promote the development of many blockchain games .

The epidemic has stimulated the most active market of traditional games —— Southeast Asia

stay newzoo Global game market report ( By 2021 year 7 month ) in , The number of traditional gamers in the Asia Pacific Region ( And income ) The proportion has reached 50%+, This is a market with great potential , Just occupy this market , There is huge room for development .

「 The Asia Pacific region, which includes emerging markets such as central and South Asia and Southeast Asia, has the largest number of active gamers in the world , Of the total number of players in the world 55%, Far more players than in other regions .」

DAO source :newzoo


stay google In search trend ,100 Represents the upper limit of search heat , You can see play to earn Mode heat from five 、 Continued to climb in June , Southeast Asia and the Middle East are most concerned about .


stay Axie Infinity In search trend ,4 The heat began to increase gradually in the second half of the month ,7 The data peaked in mid June , Then it came 25% Fall back and remain stable , Among them, the Philippines also ranks first in terms of heat .


because YGG Guild organization reduces costs , Southeast Asian countries affected by the epidemic , Working income is greatly reduced , I heard that there is a way to exceed my monthly income , Spread rapidly and independently . It's said that some Filipino maids learn to play in one night Axie game , By the way, I'll bring all the others in my circle of friends . play Axie Games have even become a tool for some Filipinos to support their families ,play to earn In the documentary, there are six or seven year old men playing games for a few hours every day , To pay the medical and living expenses of the old couple .

According to the data ,Axie Infinity 7 The number of daily active users has exceeded 80 ten thousand , As high as 60% All users are from the Philippines .

Characteristics of blockchain games

First, the rate of return .GameFi The most essential difference between blockchain games and traditional games is the mode of making money while playing , But an immature economic model that cannot form a closed loop , Unable to bring long-term and stable benefits to users .

Second, playability , From the past history of traditional games , Whether the picture quality of the game itself is pixels or 3A First class high-end image quality , As long as fun games allow users to put the quality of the picture in a secondary position , But there are still some games with insufficient investment , No playability .

Third, fluency , The infrastructure of blockchain games cannot be compared with traditional games , Throughput of traditional games TPS Tens of thousands of , Every game action of chain game needs to be packaged and broadcast all over the network , This processing speed will certainly make players familiar with traditional games feel the gap .

Game fluency ——GameFi The bottom technology development of chain game

The public chain develops rapidly to solve the pain points

2017 year ,Cryptokitties ( Cryptocat ) The outbreak of , The industry also sees the immaturity of the underlying public chain technology , It is the pain point that hinders the large-scale application and development of chain travel in a few years . High Gas Cost of expenses 、 Low performance and network capacity issues are always fatal . at that time , Ethereum can only support 15-30TPS, Delayed transactions waiting for confirmation remain at... Every day 2 More than ten thousand , If you want priority confirmation , Players must pay more than ever 10 Times or so gas fee . The biggest feature of online applications is the ability to interact , The interaction cost of Ethereum is too high .


Someone once make complaints about it. , I don't understand why other project parties release on Ethereum NFT, Buy $3 Dollar goods are $79 US dollar transaction fee .

2018 year , The etheric fang 2.0 It will take a long time to complete the deployment , Some blockchain game project parties are still arguing that many public chains do not support NFT And feel anxious .

2021 year , Not only Layer1 There are several public chains , and Layer2 Our innovation chain also has a place , There are even special for NFT Blockchain .

  • Layer1 Public chain representative : The etheric fang 、WAX、Flow、Solana;
  • Layer2 Side chain representative :BSC、Ronin、Polygon、Immutable X.


Layer1 Public chain

Ethereum Blockchain —— Most powerful consensus

With ETH The advantages of the public chain represented by : High degree of consensus , Nodes are scattered all over the world , High degree of decentralization , Global participation , So there are a lot of supporters . shortcoming : Because the transaction takes a long time to package , Can't handle huge amounts of data , It is easy to cause block congestion , It leads to poor user experience . Although there are various problems , But the strong consensus foundation has contributed to the ecological aggregation effect , Over a period of time , The transaction volume of the top ten chain games on Ethereum is also significantly larger than that of other public chains .

Representative project :CryptoKitties、The Sandbox、Big Time.


WAX Blockchain ——NFT King

WAX It's not a universal public chain , Is to focus on NFT The public chain of , be based on EOS reform , Followed DPoS Consensus mechanism ,WAX The theoretical throughput can reach 3000 TPS above ,Gas The fee is also much lower than Ethereum .WAX The future will push the chain NFT Assets are in separate Dapp Get through with each other , This will help to enhance asset liquidity , in addition ,WAX Also in the cross chain direction .

WAX go by the name of 「 NFT King 」, with OPSkins ( Operators in the world's largest digital market ) At the beginning of its establishment, it has a million user base .2020 year ,WAX Upper NFT The first tier subscription will be sold out in a few minutes at the earliest , its NFT The trading volume of the secondary market is higher than that of the primary market 5 times .

About data display , In the second quarter ,WAX The chain has become the market leader ,NFT Sales have exceeded Ethereum and Ronin Total sales of . Interaction with blockchain games WAX The number of daily active wallets increases Quarterly 1,082% , achieve 306,707 individual .

6 Monthly public Chain Wallet data display , No. 1 :Wax ( Number of wallets :306707)、 The second :BSC ( Number of wallets :8641)、 Rank third :Ronin ( Number of wallets :7987).

Representative project :Alien Worlds、R-PLANET、PROSPECTORS.


Solana Blockchain —— Most efficient common chain

Solana It is a high-performance blockchain without fragmentation , Probably the most efficient public chain .

  1. It has a historically proven consensus mechanism of core innovation (PoH), You can introduce a time system that other underlying technologies cannot do , Encode time ( History proves ) For data , Sort transactions , Therefore, it does not need to communicate with each other like other public chains to complete the consensus , Reduce consensus determination and messaging time .
  2. It was first adopted GPU Parallel processing mode , Other blockchains are single threaded ,Solana Is the only multi-threaded blockchain , Parallelizable transfer .

therefore ,Solana With high throughput 、 Highly scalable 、 Advantages of low delay and low transaction cost .Solana Throughput up to 50,000 TPS, Highest up to 65,000, Block out time approx 400 millisecond , The number of global nodes exceeds 300, The cost of a single transaction is as low as 0.00001 dollar ( Hardly any ).

disadvantages : because Solana Incompatible with Ethereum virtual machine (EVM), Not like BSC、Heco Just as easy for developers to migrate . In the Impossible Triangle of the common chain ,Solana More in favor of scalability , Projects on the chain are more centralized , And sacrificed some security .

Representative project :DeFiLand、Star Atlas、Aurory.


Flow Blockchain —— Phenomenal project makers

2 individual NFT Phenomenal project encryption cat and NBA Top Shot Development team Dapper Labs Independently developed Flow, This is a focus on adapting NFT And the public chain of games , Can be found in Layer1 No fragmentation and high scalability .

Ethereum is a horizontal decomposition transaction , By transaction type 、 Amount, importance, etc , Then deal with it separately .

Flow It's a vertical decomposition transaction , The method is to slice vertically + Specialized division of labor , Separate the resource consuming computing process from the time-consuming consensus process , For transactions and nodes, follow Flow Unique dimension classification , Then assign tasks according to the nature and capability of the node itself .

According to the Flow Official website display , Compared with traditional underlying technology ,Flow Without compromising security or decentralization , Its throughput is higher than 50 Many times , The speed has increased significantly , The transaction fee is significantly reduced , The lowest is 0.001Flow.

meanwhile ,Flow With a rich ecosystem , Including many heavyweight partners , This makes it powerful IP Market advantage .

Representative project :NBA Top Shot、MotoGP Ignition.

Layer2 Side chain

Ronin Blockchain ——Axie Infinity Custom side chain

Ronin It's the side chain of Ethereum chain , Its launch is Axie Infinity from 2021 year 4 month 24 The key catalyst for explosive growth for two consecutive months from the beginning of August ,Axie There are only... Active users in January 523 position , Next day live users (DAU) from 4 Of the month 38,000 Human violence increased to 252,000 people .

DAO source :DappRadar

Ronin Chain transactions can be completed almost instantaneously ,Gas The cost is almost negligible ,Axie It can be in Ethereum and Ronin Free transfer between , This makes it easier for players to breed , Thus promoting Axie Number 、 Growth in breeding costs and market turnover , Further advance DAU、Axie Number of users and Discord The number of members has increased significantly .Axie Even with Discord Official consultation , To cancel the 10 The upper limit of 10000 members . end 8 At the beginning of , The number of members has reached 68 ten thousand +.


from AXS The price performance of the pass is more intuitive :4 month 24 Japan AXS Price :$7.57,7 month 26 Japan AXS Price :$40.87.

The second quarter ,Axie Infinity towards Ronin After the move , Created more than 1.62 $ NFT Trading volume . And in the absence of Axie Infinity Under the circumstances , The whole Ethereum game ecosystem adds up ,NFT The trading volume is 6,440 Thousands of dollars .

Ronin Is the only one in the game field NFT Blockchain solutions with more transactions than Ethereum , And Ronin I was in 30 Produced in days Gas Phoebe BSC and Polygon even more than .7 month ,Ronin Our deposit assets have broken through 5 Billion dollars , Wallet downloads exceeded 100 Ten thousand times !

DAO source :DappRadar

BSC Blockchain —— Gold digger

Coin security smart chain BSC Is based on Cosmos Made of side chain , With high performance and low transfer rate , And compatible with Ethereum virtual machine EVM, Easy access to Ethereum ecosystem .BSC Introduce the proof of equity authority (PoSA) Consensus mechanism , Through pledge BNB Reach a consensus , And need to 21 Three witnesses .

therefore BSC Every chain 3 Seconds to generate a block , Average per transaction gas Fei Wei 0.05 dollar . On the Impossible Triangle of blockchain ,BSC Chain is an alternative solution that can be realized in terms of transaction speed and transaction cost .

BSC With a strong financial background 、 Massive community users and project resources , It is very helpful for application landing , Put forward this year 2 The first round of acceleration plan is gradually clear to hatch GameFi Track events .

The disadvantage of the exchange public chain is , Its growth is driven by some of the more concentrated positions and trading volume NFT Project driven , The degree of decentralization is not in place , Therefore, it is also a hidden danger . in addition ,BSC There are some network congestion in the chain from time to time , It is a problem that follow-up users have been paying attention to .

BSC The chain was originally for Ethereum DeFi Born , This year, we have also taken into account new hot spots GameFi, Now , The top 10 In the chain Tour Project , About half come from BSC chain .

Representative project :CryptoBlades、My DeFi Pet、My Neighbor Alice、MOBOX.


Polygon Blockchain —— Most complete capacity expansion scheme

Polygon It's the first in the Ethereum chain Layer2 Solution aggregator , Have good EVM Compatibility , Ethereum based projects can be easily migrated , Also compatible Metamask. It has high scalability , Transaction security , With high throughput (7200+TPS), Quickly confirm ( Average 1-2 second ), Low transaction costs ( Each stroke 0.00004 dollar ).

Polygon On the premise of sharing Ethereum chain security , Capacity expansion through side chain , Existing efficiency , And safe , meanwhile , The expansion of hybrid scheme can reduce the threshold of technology development .

Its biggest technical advantage , Is the diversification of capacity expansion schemes , Have the most full stack solutions , among 4 There are two main expansion schemes :Polygon SDK、Polygon PoS、Polygon Avail and Polygon Hermez, And it is increasing . Usability 、 Expansion schemes with different security and cost , Applicable to different users .

This year, 7 month ,Polygon A new studio has been announced Polygon Studios, Focus on games and NFT, And set up 1 Billion dollar fund , Plan in NFT A lot of investment in . at present Polygon On 70% Of NFT Dapp It's all about games .

Representative project :Loserchick、Tea Virtual、Exeedme

DAO source :Loserchick

Immutable X Blockchain ——0 Cost expansion scheme

Immutable X It's based on Ethereum Layer2 Expansion solutions , Throughput attainable 9000 TPS, Casting and trading gas Fei Wei 0, This chain can also provide NFT Mobility , So it's more and more popular . Select the of this chain NFT Most of the projects focus on the game field .

Immutable X The expansion scheme adopted is ZK Rollup, And are introduced MINA Batch zero knowledge proof like blockchain , That is, let the transaction snapshot prove the past transactions , It compresses transactions or creates NFT Amount of information required by Ethereum , Therefore, no payment is required gas fee .

Immutable X Less than 30% Ethereum capacity , And hundreds of millions of transactions a day . meanwhile , Its network is stable and reliable , It can realize real-time transaction , The transfer of assets can be completed in an instant .

Representative project :Gods Unchained、Illuvium ( Third 、 Online in the fourth quarter ).

DAO source :Illuvium

stay 2021 Beginning of the year , With the bull market coming , Ethereal DeFi Ecological re outbreak , But Ethereum congestion and high tariff costs DeFi Development was once limited , Therefore, other public chain ecology has broad development space , And through 5.19 Plunge ,DeFi After the setback, the data fell ,GameFi The explosion came into being .


According to the DappRadar The report , from 4 Month begins ,WAX Chain and BSC The number of active wallets on the chain has skyrocketed , Keep away from other public chains .

By 2021 Second quarter , The number of active wallets in blockchain games per day is about 375,000 individual , Most games are active in WAX On the chain , Its daily active wallet grew month on month 1,082%, achieve 306,707 individual ; The second is BSC chain , Daily active wallet reaches 8641 individual ; The third is Ronin, Daily by 7897 An active wallet .

Polygon Active wallet data is also 7 The month passed Ethereum .

Rights and security issues

NFT The right confirmation scheme of digital assets is not perfect . In terms of digital asset chain , No centralized credit agency endorsement , How to ensure that the ownership of assets is unique and certain , Counterfeiting 、 How to solve the problems of repeated sale , There is no complete closed-loop solution yet .

This year, DeFi Frequent safety problems occur in the project , A lot of assets were stolen by hackers , This has become a new issue focused by the industry .GameFi The transaction volume of several hundred million dollars has become a fragrant steamed bun , Successful circle , And must be stared at by a lot of eyes , How to prevent security problems , We must pay attention to it .

The game eventually carries a large number of players' highly concurrent data , That is, it needs to have a high tps, There should also be safe and efficient underlying technology , And supporting data security 、 Distributed storage and other plug-ins , The fluency of the game is an important user experience for players .

At present, the bottom public chain , The standards have not been unified , The performance is not perfect , Less compatibility .

future GameFi The development direction of the public chain : Interoperability between all platforms ,NFT Use... Across different ecosystems , All public chains interact with each other and with Ethereum .

Game playability and game profitability ( Economic model )

Game playability

Axie Infinity It is a decentralized pet cultivation and turn strategy game , Players buy 、 sell 、 transaction 、 Breeding cute digital pets ——Axie, And fight pets with other players , Get tokens by winning battles and completing necessary tasks SLP, By spending AXS and SLP Breed higher level pets , Tokens and pets can be traded for profit . This game is similar to the legend of Xianjian Qixia .


Axie Infinity Has achieved explosive growth , Everything develops regularly , The development mode of chain tour should also adapt to the reality and carry out transformation , user 「 Plucking wool 」 The cost is higher and higher , After game developers reduce profit space , How to let players stay , Or attract new players , It is a challenge in front of chain travel .

according to Axie Infinity The roadmap ,2021 year Q3 Will open AXS pledge , stay 2022 Open at the beginning of the year AXS The ecological system , here we are 2022 In the first half of , Will be online virtual land play .

Axie Infinity The co founders were AMA Mentioned in , Other items can provide some tokens for distribution to Axie Game player , Participate in the whole game token ecosystem ; meanwhile , It can also be AXS&SLP And players holding other currencies provide specific brand props , Give this prop more rich functions , Form a doll model .Axie Can cooperate with other games , Players can get specific items through cross game , This also enriches the way the game is played , And drain different users to both sides , Revitalized the games on both sides , And successful cooperation will cause cluster effect .

at present ,Axie The team has said they can't create enough content and experience to meet the growing needs of users , They want to ask players for help . Will they follow 《Roblox》 Allow other developers to create and develop ? Warcraft 3 Conflagration , It is precisely because it opens the editor and editing language , And then came Dota、 Chenghai 3C、 The three kingdoms are unparalleled , And enrich the game scene .Axie The team may consider .

After several years of development , Blockchain games in NFT Added more attributes to , Like combat mode 、 incubation 、 Combine 、 To develop 、 Split 、 Land sale, etc , However, the playability and fineness of the game are still not comparable to the mature traditional games .


GameF Turn to DeFi+NFT+ game +DAO/ Social model

Many players also gradually realize that many chain games , In fact, there is no real fun , More because it is profitable . If chain travel only focuses on financing ability , There will be no long-term development .

GameFi The focus of the game , Even if it's profitable , To a certain extent , The playability of the game will not attract more new users , image Axie Such a game cannot survive on the stock of players , If you want to attract more active players , It should be in the exploratory of the game 、 Competitive 、 The richness of the story continues to upgrade , Let players constantly generate a new sense of achievement , And meet the player's social attributes . Even without play to earn The player , There is also simplicity play to win Players of the game join , In this way, the ability of the game to resist the risk of encryption market can be greatly improved . Once you form your own user moat and competitive barriers , Will make great progress .

GameFi It should also be like traditional games , Gradually move towards social research and development , with DAO Chemical properties , Social networking within the chain is a kind of just need , It's also GameFi A step into the meta universe .


Economic model

For the development model of blockchain games ,Abitchain Founder Zhao Meijun once said ,「 The combination of blockchain and game , The first is the blockchain of game currency , The second game props and characters are blockchained , The third is the blockchain of game rules 」.

stay Axie Infinity In the game , The player's way to make money is :1、 By winning in the game Axie Pet fight earn SLP Tokens, ;2、 Through existing Axies Breed more and higher levels Axies, And sold or leased ;3、 by AXS and SLP Provide token liquidity (LP) Get the proceeds ;4、 Investment is very rare Axie;5、AXS pledge ;6、 land sale .

In the last few months ,Axie Infinity In the game, users have started a lot of land NFT business , These lands NFT Prices range from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars , Projects to be launched Illuvium Kieran, founder of · Warwick said , He has gained more than by reselling land 90 Times the revenue .

DAOAxie Land picture

In the revenue generated by players , nearly 95% Part of the belongs to the player himself , remainder 4.25% Intercepted by the project party , Will flow into its 「Community Treasury」( Community Treasury ), But only from this 4.25 earnings ,Axie It generated hundreds of millions of dollars .

Axie Setting of economic model

although Axie Infinity This game has a logical economic model , Pet Battles generate tokens + Breeding pets costs tokens , Together, it forms a complete economic closed loop , But whether the future will develop smoothly as planned , It still needs practical demonstration .


  1. The starting point of the game , Players buy Axie Pets NFT Qualified to enter , The entry of funds leads to Axie Pets NFT Rise in price ;
  2. If players want to breed and upgrade pets as soon as possible, they must buy more AXS and SLP, This leads to 2 The price of a token goes up ;
  3. Because of the rise in tokens , For tokens and NFT The demand for is maximized , This time attracts more players , Cause pets to overproduce , The high cost of reproduction discourages new players , Pets NFT Prices began to fall ;
  4. Because pets NFT Falling profits , Players no longer breed and upgrade pets , therefore SLP Reduced demand and falling prices , Finally, the game stalled due to the lack of players .

Axie Pets NFT The number of can be divided according to the scarcity level , And there is a rule of reproductive restriction , Can be Axie Pets NFT The growth trend of is limited to a maximum , Give Way NFT Become scarce and valuable again .

Axie Infinity In essence, new users and new funds need to enter , To raise the price of pets and tokens . According to the original setting , After a while , The cost of pet breeding is reduced to the psychological price of players , Players will return to the game , Perform a cycle . But the others GameFi Types of blockchain games are also rising , It's hard to guarantee that players won't abandon Axie, Looking for other high-yield games . And compared with traditional games that have accumulated for decades ,Axie Infinity There is no competitive barrier to game playability , Whether it's game strategy setting and picture quality , Not to mention no social attributes .

SLP supply exceeds demand

And now ,Axie Is facing another problem ,SLP Excessive production . Its official website is 8 It was announced at the beginning of this month SLP The current situation of oversupply , Because of user abuse PVE Too many war modes SLP Reward , So the official announcement of SLP Adjustment scheme of acquisition method :

  1. Put your account every day PVE Available in SLP The number from 100 Halve to 50.
  2. Complete the daily task SLP Reward has been from 50 Halve to 25.
  3. PVP SLP The difficulty of obtaining rewards now increases more steeply with the increase of trainer level .

DAOSLP Supply and demand

Get into 8 Months later, the War produced a lot of SLP, And breeding pets SLP The amount of destruction is far from keeping up with , This caused the SLP supply exceeds demand , The authorities have to regulate , Keep the balance , otherwise SLP After inflation , The price is falling , It will make players who spend the cost of breeding pets lose assets , It will cause an adverse chain reaction .

Axie Infinity Economic models, especially AXS and SLP The price of is deeply influenced by the encryption market , This is not what the game itself can control , Therefore, in order to improve the risk defense ability , Officials are already considering enriching the game scene , promote Axie Pets NFT Its own value .

For sustainable development , In terms of play ,Axie Several major upgrades will be launched in the future , Include : Workshops and Axie Recycling ( increase NFT Liquidity and earnings )、 The land game ( Increase game play )、Ronin On the chain DEX ( increase AXS and SLP Mobility ) and AXS pledge ( increase AXS earnings ). These measures can enrich the story , Increase the benefits of economic models , Keep asset liquidity uninterrupted .


according to Newzoo《2021 Global game market report 》,2021 year , The total number of global gamers has exceeded 30 The million mark , Expect to 2024 year , Gamers can reach 33.2 Billion , Global game revenue will reach 2187 Billion dollars .

GameFi It is one of the best ways for blockchain to enter the mainstream world , It shows us entertainment 、IP Break the line and combine vaguely with income , So powerful , It is destined to be 2021 Explosion point in . Refer to the market of traditional games ,GameFi The prospect of chain tour is still a sea of stars , It will continue to erode the traditional game market .

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