Chain news ,Cosmos Cross chain bridge 「Gravity Bridge」 The official launch , Support on Ethereum ERC20 Asset introduction Cosmos ecology , And with Cosmos Interact with ecological projects , Also support will Cosmos Asset introduction into Ethereum , In the future, it will gradually access all important EVM Compatibility chain . at present 「Gravity Bridge」 Is accepting Cosmos Development Company Informal Systems Security audit of , Plans to 26 The day opens a two-week 「Code4rena 」, Attract different participants to review the code , To find errors or vulnerabilities and get rewards .

Chain smell note ,「Gravity Bridge」 Based on Cosmos Distributed network solutions Althea Introduction , It's for Cosmos Hub Designed cross chain bridge ,Cosmos Ecological projects can be realized and ERC20 Asset Unicom interaction , Such as WETH、DAI、USDC、WBTC etc. .

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