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Will NFT break the circle be a new dawn in the encryption industry?

2021-08-25 11:41:00 Fun coin

Qu coin network Blockchain 8 month 21 -     The blockchain industry is innovating very fast ,2021 The most popular thing in is undoubtedly the non homogenous token ——NFT, This new form of digital currency successfully combines the real world with digital assets , Many new models have also been explored . Many people think , With NFT Leading the encryption industry “ Breaking circle ”, This field will usher in a new dawn .

e4m6kePbvaoqHXCBbu8UrJCB33ymsLhEDRcIDHe3.png There is data showing , go by the name of “Z generation ” Of “90 after ” The proportion of users is as high as 78%, These young users are most concerned about 、 The two most sought after areas are : The second dimension and the game . In the field of quadratic elements , Young users do it when they buy 、Cosplay、 Diffuse , Gradually let the secondary meta culture go to the public ; In the field of games , Through e-games, people's negative views on games have been reversed . These users are also known as the main force of consumption in the future . future , Who can access these key user groups , Who can grasp the market dominance in the future .

Now , Young people also began to put this enthusiasm into NFT On , For example, more and more young people will replace their social media avatars with CryptoPunks. To some extent , The massive adoption of digital assets is about to happen ,NFT、 And the broader cryptocurrency market still has great growth potential .

However, this group of young users is generally considered to be less mature , May not be able to communicate with NFT This new form of digital currency is perfectly integrated . But don't worry , Young people are more receptive to new technologies , And hug NFT The process is also very similar to the process they like quadratic elements and games .

“ Out of circle ” Speed up ,2021 Year is NFT A rising year

Have to say , More and more vertical industries, including quadratic and games, have begun to try to cooperate with NFT Fusion linkage , This year we see from NBA The highlight moment of the star to the aliens 、 To apes and zombies JPEG,NFT Is driving the encryption industry at an unprecedented speed “ Out of circle ”, so to speak 2021 Year is NFT A rising year .

Usually , When the content creator launches a secondary image work , Corresponding limited edition digital art NFT Will be released simultaneously , For loyal fans to buy collections , At the same time, offline community meeting activities can also be held from time to time ,NFT The holder is eligible to register for , here NFT It has the function of tickets . More Than This , If this two-dimensional image work has the opportunity to become famous IP, So what fans buy NFT It is bound to add value , This quadratic image IP It can even cooperate with game companies and introduce them into the game , here NFT And have access to the game 、 Trading pass in virtual world 、 As a virtual character symbol in the meta universe .

Of course, the above scenarios need NFT Support for programmability and portability features , Users may carry information representing various interests NFT Enter different scenes , Developers don't have to build products for isolated application scenarios as in the past , But can face these NFT Carry out mechanism design and develop service facilities .

Actually , At present, there have been some NFT A landing case of perfect linkage and integration with the quadratic element . In these cases , Some high-quality multi-modal products are provided to users , These products can not only provide game based services for blockchain project initiators based on various types of public chains DeFi The issuing channel of the encrypted token , It can also provide... For online games NFT Underlying technical support for asset upgrading , In addition, you can use NFT Build a value bridge between the blockchain world and the traditional game world .

More Than This , There are also some projects to carry out strategic cooperation with well-known media companies , Jointly promote NFT Gamification business operation , Realize business value by influencing the new generation of people .

You'll find that , This is publicized and promoted to young people in a novel two-dimensional form and a unique way of cultural shaping NFT, It's actually easier to bring the community together , So as to attract more new users , Moreover, the two-dimensional form is also more conducive to shaping community culture and promoting community autonomy , Especially with comics 、 Audio and video channels make it easy for young people to understand the relevant knowledge of dikepu block chain and hot events such as central bank digital currency , It also helps to further expand the ecological coverage .

Speaking of the game industry , No one does not lament its strong attraction , It can bring many people who were not exposed to blockchain and cryptocurrency into , Inject a lot of... Into this field “ new blood ”. But there's no denying it , The current game industry still exists “ defects ”, For example, the value of your game account is reflected only when it is active , When you don't play games for a long time or forever , The value once created will disappear with time , Today, NFT It can break the deadlock , Carry the player's value in the game , When the player leaves the game , It can still realize the circulation of value .

In fact, there were games and... Years ago NFT An example of linkage interaction . from “ Cryptocat ”CryptoKitties Up to now, the hot money NFT game Axie Infinity, Self introduction NFT After element , The significance and value of blockchain games have been greatly improved , Especially in “ Play and earn ” Brand new GameFi Driven by the mode , Some emerging market players can even earn more income than ordinary jobs through games , At the same time, every game player “ become ” A new blockchain industry user or cryptocurrency industry user .

It is worth mentioning that , Some games are designed to promote incentives within the ecosystem 、 government 、 Project development and destruction , It will also launch its own pass , Pass ownership allows investors, liquidity providers and eco game players to enter all types of use scenarios , E.g. token pledge 、 According to the rules of the game NFT Long tail income from asset synthesis 、 Get the right to vote, participate in ecological governance, etc .

so to speak , Under the new value distribution mechanism brought by blockchain , Individual projects have been based on NFT It has built a new next-generation blockchain game form .NFT Changing the value base of the game , When the game and NFT When combined , The game industry has entered a new generation !

The new dawn of the encryption industry

A set of data display , In the second dimension , Domestic secondary users have long been 2019 It's more than 1 Billion , And through the second dimension IP The actual sales revenue created in combination with games and other industries has reached 215.6 One hundred million yuan ; And in the game ,2020 By the end of the year, the number of global gamers had reached 27 Billion , This is equivalent to nearly one-third of the world's population , They have spent nearly... On the game 1593 Billion dollars .

as everyone knows , The biggest feature of two-dimensional game players is high loyalty 、 Strong willingness to consume , Now they have entered the encryption industry with these user characteristics . So when NFT After encountering the second dimension and the game , This is slightly “ closed ” The encryption industry seems to see the dawn .

Undeniable? ,NFT The market is still in its early stages , But we are glad to see , be based on NFT In fact, the cross chain value ecology of has provided a lot of support for the emergence of the encryption industry , Because of the openness in its construction 、 fair 、 reliable 、 In a transparent and freely tradable open world , Not only gives NFT Value growth space , It also makes every second dimension and game user become “ Value Finder ”, Not just limited to “ The player ” level .

With NFT Gradually break the circle , A long-term business opportunity and market space have been opened , If you want more business value , Then come up with better products .

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