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What does "tiktok + blockchain" mean in the music industry?

2021-08-25 10:53:51 Tencent Entertainment

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In fact, it has become the world's largest music promotion platform and popular production machine ,TikTok And decentralized music streaming media service platform Audius cooperation , It's not as simple as it looks , This may represent the future direction of Industrial Development .

With “ Cryptocurrency ” Become 2021 One of the hot words of the year , Decentralized music streaming media service platform Audius A significant increase , From this year 1 Month to 8 month ,Audius The number of monthly active users has been less than 100 Ten thousand to 500 ten thousand .

This Monday ,Audius Announce with short video platform TikTok Building partnerships , Allow musicians on the platform to upload and share their works directly to TikTok Of Sound Kit, At the same time, musicians can put them in TikTok Followers on link back to Audius.

After the announcement of the news ,Audius Native token of AUDIO Prices are soaring . according to CoinMarketCap The data of ,AUDIO It rose from Monday to Tuesday 143%, Once upon a time 3.94 The high dollar , Short break in market value 15.5 Billion dollars .

Streaming media + Blockchain ,Audius What's the reason? ?

Audius The founder of Ranidu Lankage He was a signed singer of Sony Music Entertainment , Creating too many platinum selling albums .2018 year ,Ranidu Raised nearly... From Silicon Valley investors 1000 Million dollars to set up this company in San Francisco , And in 2019 Officially launched in .

Audius It is a music platform based on blockchain , I hope to completely change the way musicians get paid by eliminating middlemen , Transfer control of the distribution of the work to the musician , At the same time, the smart contract system of blockchain enables musicians to obtain fair and transparent benefit distribution from any region in the world .

The platform claims to be “ Blockchain industry SoundCloud”, But different from the general music streaming media platform ,Audius Built on Ethereum and Solana Block chain , Operated by the token holder community rather than a centralized entity .Audius The advantage is that , It has an open network 、 The security of musicians' works and the transparency of income distribution .

Musicians on the platform can independently set the conditions required by other users to decrypt their content , for example , Pay a penny to unlock this content . Users on the platform need to start from Audius Buy tokens to load their wallet balance , The service will pay musicians the revenue generated by each play of their music works , among 85% The income will be directly attributable to musicians .

Audius The agreement even allows users to place the platform's native tokens on hosted services to earn revenue , Users can become by buying or earning AUDIO Token holders , for example , Top musicians and active users can get AUDIO Token as a reward .

last year 10 month , Before that 10000 Users ( Including artists 、 Developers and fans ) Got a gift of encrypted tokens , These tokens give them platform governance , Allow holders to vote on development and functionality . Use CO founders Rumburg In other words ,“ This is the first time that musicians sit at their desks , They have the right to decide Audius What features should be developed , What will happen in the future .”

According to the Crunchbase data display ,Audius Since its establishment, it has completed two rounds of financing , Total funds raised amounted to 860 Thousands of dollars .2018 year ,Audius get 550 Thousands of dollars A Round of funding , The leading investor is a well-known venture capital institution General Catalyst and Lightspeed,Kleiner Perkins、122 West、Ascolta Ventures and Pantera Capital To vote for .2020 year , The platform is again 310 $10000 strategic investment .

TikTok Teamed up with Audius, What kind of spray can you blow up ?

at present ,Audius More than 10 10000 musicians settled in , These include deadmau5、3LAU、RAC、Skrillex Waiting for musicians . By the end of this year 8 month , Its monthly active users have increased to 500 ten thousand .

this Audius And TikTok Innovative cooperation , Only in cooperation to develop new “TikTok Sound library ”, Simplify the current music upload and selection process of the platform .

Audius Co founder and chief product Officer Forrest Browning Express , Currently in TikTok The process of sharing music on “ It's clumsy ”,“ Young people who produce music in their bedrooms don't even have a publisher ”. But through TikTok Integrate ,“ Any musician can upload them to Audius One click export of songs to TikTok”.

It is worth mentioning that ,Audius Is the first to allow direct sharing to TikTok Streaming media platform , The timing of the deal is for Audius It's also very ideal .

This year, 7 month ,TikTok Published a set of Statistics , On this platform 7.32 Of the billion active users ,75% They found new musicians through the platform ,63% Means they're TikTok I heard new music on the .

TikTok Global music director Ole Obermann In this year 2 In an interview with the media in May, he said , I hope to TikTok Create excellent music discovery and A&R platform , At the same time, it has become an unsigned talent resource pool in the music industry . Last year alone , There are more than 70 A popular musician on this platform has successfully signed a contract with mainstream record companies .

It's not just a talent pool ,TikTok It is also becoming a global music business “ Promote ” Main channels of music .

By the end of this year 2 month ,TikTok Has signed global licensing agreements with all three major record companies .

According to the statement , Universal Music and TikTok The new global licensing agreement between universal music and covers the recorded music library of universal music's record companies , And the song and lyrics Library of Universal Music Copyright Agency .TikTok Promise to use recordings and songwriters' songs on short video platforms , Will be paid accordingly . besides ,TikTok Users can now also edit clips from Universal Music's Complete Music Library .

Not long ago, Warner Music Group's earnings call , Its chief executive officer Steve Cooper According to , Because of Warner Music “ Digital priority strategy ”, The company is from Facebook、TikTok And fitness platform Peloton And other emerging platforms “ It is now about per year 2.35 Billion dollars ”.Cooper It also confirms that , This number “ Only from recorded music ”.

But unlike previous licensing deals with record companies , this TikTok And Audius The partnership established can be said to be unprecedented . This is a TikTok It is the first time to reach cooperation related to content authorization with music streaming media platform , And the musicians are Audius The realization method of is completely different from other platforms .

Audius Don't pay royalties to musicians , But it provides a platform to attract fans and find listeners , Now we have TikTok Blessing in music promotion , For those who have “ Hidden power ” Music may be a good opportunity for people .

In recent years , Blockchain 、NFT It has set off an upsurge all over the world . In the music industry , Heterogeneous token NFT(Non-Fungible Token) The reason why we can make the permanent preservation of digital art a reality , This is inseparable from it 、 There is no substitute for 、 Unique and other characteristics . With the support of blockchain Technology ,NFT These features can effectively prevent works of art from being stolen and imitated .

It is worth noting that , At home , Tencent in 8 month 1 It's officially launched on April NFT Trading software “ Psychedelic nucleus ”, The platform's “NTF Artist plan ” It's going on right now . Besides ,TME It also announced that it would cooperate with Zhang Chu 、 Mo Xizi's poem 、 Zhang Jiacong and other musicians and artists , Recently launched “TME Digital collection ”.8 month 15 Japan , Hu Yanbin 《 Buddhist monk 》20 Anniversary black glue NFT stay QQ Music platform officially released ,2001 A limited number of black glue was quickly emptied .

And then ,8 month 17 Japan , Alibaba announced the launch of a new NFT market , A token license that allows trademark holders to sell their intellectual property . The market can be accessed through Alibaba auction platform , For Literature 、 game 、 Comic 、 music 、 Art and other copyright owners , Offer based on “ New chain ” Digital works authentication and online trading .

In all application scenarios of blockchain , Music is probably one of the most anticipated . For music creators , Internet giants enter the Bureau NFT It brings them new opportunities , Let musicians and fans establish a direct 、“ Be undisturbed ” The connection of , At the same time, it also brings the transparency of copyright ownership and income distribution to a new level .

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