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Will globalization be the future outlet of bitcoin mining enterprises?

2021-08-25 10:51:28 Fun coin

Qu coin network Blockchain 8 month 21 -     People who believe in the cryptocurrency industry still remember the sharp decline in computing power at the end of June .6 month 28 Japan , The currency Network computing power plummeted to 68 E, Now? , Two months have passed , according to Bitinfocharts data display , The computing power of bitcoin is 8 month 16 Day comes 136.2452 E, Basically restored to the level before the sharp drop in computing power , This rebound speed has also attracted many people's attention and curiosity .


Tell the truth , The second quarter of this year was not... For the cryptocurrency industry “ friendly ”. First in mid May , Chinese Finance Association of Internet 、 China Banking Association and China payment and clearing Association jointly issued 《 Notice on preventing the risk of speculation in virtual currency transactions 》. The next day , Bitcoin fell sharply in one day ( from 4.5 Ten thousand dollars to 3.6 Thousands of dollars ). Then , The 51st meeting of the financial stability and Development Committee of the State Council called for a crackdown on bitcoin dig And trading behavior , We should firmly guard against the transmission of individual risks to the social field .6 Month begins , The relevant departments of Sichuan Province issued a notice on , Power generation enterprises are required to check and correct themselves , Stop power to the virtual currency mining project immediately , Fully implement the national clean-up requirements . thereafter , All bitcoin mining machines in Sichuan Province are collectively powered off , Bitcoin's computing power plummeted . here we are 7 month , The difficulty of bitcoin's whole network has been reduced by the largest scale in history , The computing power of the whole network once fell to 61 EH/s, Almost 2018 The annual level of mine accidents is quite .

This series of blows plunged the market into a downturn , The performance of many listed mining enterprises began to decline , But there are also a few companies through the acquisition of business , Comprehensively layout the blockchain industry , Find a way to break through the dilemma , Stand out from the competition , Lay the foundation for the industry to continue to grow in the trough period .

The development momentum of the ore pool is strong

We found that , stay “6·19” After the collective power failure of mining machines in Sichuan and other places , The computing power of the top five ore pools returned to positive growth in only one week . For some mining companies , The development momentum of its ore pool is close to the mining business .

Besides , Just before the most difficult mining cut in bitcoin history , The growth of computing power of the top ten ore pools has also been realized . Today, the head effect of the mine pool still exists , And the impact is becoming more and more significant , And in the “ Naturally friendly ” With the support of mining mode , The self recovery ability of these head ore pools is also relatively strong .

Actually ,“ Ore pool ” This mechanism is a way to combine a small amount of computing power , No matter how much computing power an individual miner can use , As long as you participate in mining activities by joining the ore pool , Whether or not effective blocks have been successfully excavated , You can get a certain proportion of bitcoin rewards through your contribution to the mine pool . This model is called multi person cooperative mining , The bitcoin rewards obtained are also shared by many people according to their contribution .

Those mines ( Especially the head ore pool ), Basically based on this mode of operation , The advantage of this model is that it can achieve “ Steady growth ”. This is mainly due to the production of bitcoin in the mining pool 、 Trading and application are always in the upstream of the industrial chain , Different from other traditional mining modes , The existence of the ore pool has greatly reduced the difficulty and threshold of bitcoin mining , Miners are free to choose which pit to connect their mining machines to , Never mind “ Power failure and network disconnection ” problem , Then it really realized the bitcoin mining concept that everyone can participate . More Than This , Because the ore pool gives the miners a profit according to the proportion of calculation power , This can increase the probability of digging coins 、 It can also stabilize the income of miners , At the same time, the technology provided by the ore pool is also conducive to enhancing the mining efficiency , Then further enhance investor recognition and business valuation . 

How the bitcoin mine bottomed out and rebounded ?

Since the state cracked down on the encryption industry in the second quarter of this year , The bitcoin industry has experienced the largest migration of miners in history , Then the computing power and mining difficulty of the whole network plummeted , But the bitcoin network seems to have quickly adapted to the sudden changes in the market . Those bitcoin pools at the head even took a short time 1-2 The recovery of computing power was completed in weeks , People have to sigh this “ The king of digital currency ” It's not the wave that gets its name . What's more incredible is , In this difficult time , The income of the ore pool increases instead of decreasing .

And what's unexpected is , Bitcoin price experienced a short-term shock in the first ten days of the second quarter , It rebounded sharply in the late part of the season . according to Coingecko data display , Bitcoin has risen to... At the end of the second quarter 4.2 Over ten thousand dollars , For bitcoin mining pools that insist on online mining during this period , In fact, they have only experienced a short market downturn .

What's more unexpected is , Previously, many people speculated that domestic miners would sell the accumulated... Because of the transfer of mining machines BTC Inventory to pay huge logistics costs , This creates selling pressure on the market , However, it has been proved that even in the period of the sharp decline of the whole network computing power, there is no obvious miner selling behavior .

What are the reasons for the growth

The reason is , Some miners quickly found new sites to rebuild their mining business in a short time , Some use other channels to pay their operating costs , There are also legally binding investment terms signed with overseas companies , The two sides jointly invest in the construction of mines overseas , The mining machine will be transported abroad and put into operation after deployment .

Besides , As the digital money market matures , There are more and more financing options in the market 、 More and more superior . So when there is market turmoil , Bitcoin miners no longer have to choose “ Sell off BTC”, Instead, you can choose liquidity options 、 Futures market, bitcoin pledge and other ways to hedge risks .

The last reason I have to mention is , Although Chinese miners play an important role in the global bitcoin market , But it's not the whole story , Some global mining enterprises still have good strength , Especially during this sharp decline in the computing power and mining difficulty of the whole network , There are about... In the overseas market 50% The operation of the mine pool was not affected , Their income has increased to some extent . This is due to the short-term decline in bitcoin prices , But many “ competitors ” The offline has caused the mining difficulty of the whole network to decrease , And share “ Spoils ” The number of competitors has decreased , Therefore, bitcoin mining became easier in the second quarter , Those who can continue to mine online can earn income more easily .

Is globalization the future outlet of bitcoin mining enterprises ?

At a time of great changes in the global macroeconomic environment , The Fed has released a lot of liquidity through the implementation of quantitative easing monetary policy in the past year , In addition, the Biden Administration recently launched the Gundam 4 Trillion dollar infrastructure plan , All this increases the potential for inflation , It also further consolidated investors' belief in continuing to hold bitcoin .

The digital money market has experienced 2021 After the shock in the second quarter of , Those companies with their own clear strategic development direction of global mining pools and many years of experience in the blockchain industry survived , Not only that, their leading position has been further consolidated . In this environment , Only globalization can be truly distributed , Keep costs to a minimum , Then serve more users . Therefore, only those bitcoin mining enterprises that deeply cultivate the globalization strategy can remain invincible .

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