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An NFT makes the commercialization of E-sports easy

2021-08-25 09:22:00 E-sports world

NFT The full name is 「Non Fungible Tokens」, That is to say 「 Heterogeneous token 」, It is an encrypted digital asset based on blockchain technology verification , Unique and non replicable , Can be 「 Collection card 」、「 Video collection 」、「 Artwork 」 even to the extent that 「 Virtual pets 」 The form of is created . therefore NFT It refers to a person who has the right to manage the blockchain , Unique blockchain project . for example , Collection 、 Game items 、 Digital art 、 Tickets for the event 、 domain name , Even ownership records of physical assets .


At present, there are ENJ/ Well, gold coins 、MANA/Decentraland、FFF/Force For Fast Token、SAND/The Sandbox、NASH/ Nashi coins 、SLP/Small Love Potion、ZXC/0xcert、RARI/Rarible And so on .


NFT What is the value

2021 year 3 month 11 Friday night , Christie's, the world's top auction house, held its first digital art auction online . The auctioneer is American graphic designer bipur (Beeple) A work of , It's called 《 every single day : front 5000 God 》(Everydays :The First 5000 Days). The author is more time-consuming than Poole 13 year , Insist on creating an image every day , Final use 5000 This picture is made up of images .


come from 11 A country 、 Regional 33 Bidders , after 14 Days of online bidding , total 353 This is a bid , With a final 6025 Ten thousand dollars to drop the hammer , About... With commission 6930 Ten thousand us dollars transaction ( about 4.5 RMB ). It has set a new record for digital art transactions .

It is worth noting that ,《 every single day : front 5000 God 》 It's also the first auction house based on NFT( Heterogeneous token ) Traded art , So it's completely on fire NFT market .

In addition, a well-known NFT trading platform , On the shelf DOTA2 OG Champion ring , The price is as high as 400ETH( Ether money ), That is about RMB 590 ten thousand . meanwhile , It's not a real champion ring for sale , It's just a moving picture .

from OG The published information seems , Several rings are not made by V Official production of the society , It is OG Working with artists “ draw ” The works of . next , They are put in NFT Sell on the platform , The initial selling price is 200 dollar , Once sold out , In a very short time after that, the value of the works began to turn over several times .


On the blockchain , Digital cryptocurrency is divided into two categories: native currency and token . The former is like the familiar bitcoin 、 Ethereal currency, etc , Have their own main chain , Use the transactions on the chain to maintain the ledger data ; Tokens are attached to the existing blockchain , Using smart contracts to record books , It is released as attached to Ethereum token. There are two kinds of Token: homogenization and non homogenization .

Homogenizing tokens , namely FT(Fungible Token), They can replace each other 、 It's almost infinitely divisible token. for example , You have a bitcoin and I have a bitcoin , There's no difference in essence , This is homogenization , Is the homogenization of money .

NFT The focus of the art auction on the platform is actually “ Heterogeneous token ”. According to Christie's instructions ,NFT And blockchain technology enable collectors and artists to confirm the true owner and authenticity of digital works of art .

The difference is , because NFT They can't replace each other , Each one is unique . And bitcoin 、 Ethereum and others are homogeneous , Each can replace each other , So you can use one NFT To represent a work .

NFT Have non homogeneity 、 Inseparable features , So that it can be bound with some goods in the real world . In other words , In fact, it is the digital assets issued on the blockchain , This asset can be a game prop 、 Digital art 、 Tickets, etc , And it is unique and non replicable .

because NFT With natural collection properties and easy to trade , Encryption artists can use it NFT Create a unique digital art . This scarcity attribute makes every NFT The value of digital art collection has increased significantly .

according to Protos A recent report ,NFT One day trading peaked this year 1.02 An amazing record of $100 million , Some people in the industry even predict that this year NFT The total market value can be 7 Billion dollars .

2021 The year became NFT A year of eruption ,NFT It also brings a new business realization model to the e-sports industry .


E-sports entry ,NFT Stir waves again

2020 year , It's like a game 、 e-sports 、 The entertainment industry is 「 House economy 」 With the help of ,NFT The market has also ushered in its own spring . At that time , Celebrities from all walks of life 、 company 、 Sports leagues began to enter the game , Launch your own NFT product , Accelerated the market boom .

After a wave of popularity in the sports circle , As a digital industry , Naturally, E-sports will not give up this opportunity .

4 month 7 Japan , Well known foreign game anchor 「Tfue」 Launched its first NFT Limited collection , Opened the game live broadcast session NFT The pioneer of the market . This is called 「 King of Gaming」 Of NFT Collection Series , Contain around 《 Fort night 》、《 My world 》 and 《 Call of duty 》 The pictures and videos created by these three games . thereafter , Well known E-sports organizations in North America 100T Also announced the launch of the corresponding NFT product .


6 month 3 Japan ,NFT The platform announced and Bondly Entertainment E-sports brand G2 Esports Reach a long-term exclusive partnership , To develop and launch G2 NFT Strategic plan and sales platform . It is reported that ,G2 It's the first one with Bondly establish NFT Partnership E-sports team . The first G2 NFT Will be in 6 month 30 Launch date , And will pass Bondly The platform exclusively provides .

7 month 1 Japan , Two consecutive terms Ti Champion Europe Dota2 team OG E-sports landing Binance NFT platform , Time in Beijing 7 month 1 solstice 4 Friday night 8 Point proceed NFT The auction . Will be with Binance Planets are elements , Focus on time travel 、 Science fiction elements such as Star Trek , by Binance NFT Exclusive launch of the platform . The auction includes 3 It happened in Binance Fragments of planets parallel to the universe , Follow OG and Binance Through the past and the future .OG The e-sports NFT The blind box will be on 7 month 5 Friday night 8 Point on , There are... In the blind box 7 Kind of NFT.


In recent days, , Have super 12 Blockchain games with 10000 registered players Guild of Guardians Announced that it will work with professional E-sports clubs NRG Esports The cooperation of , Launch playable NFT collection .Guild of Guardians Will be launched in the game NFT Formal NGR hero , Buy this NFT Heroes will also get NGR Exclusive art collection .

meanwhile , In addition to issuing NFT collection , E-sports clubs can also issue NFT Realized by means of fan tokens . Fan tokens can be used for collection , It can also give fans some power , such as : Have the right to participate in some decisions of the club , You can give priority to buying limited peripheral, etc . With additional properties NFT product , It's also easier to be accepted by fans . And for fans , Buy NFT Collectibles or fan tokens , Not only can they support their favorite E-sports teams 、 The psychological need to interact with the team , It can also satisfy the desire for collection , Improve the active participation of participation .

NFT The addition of has provided greater vitality for the commercialization of E-sports .



NFT Closely related to E-sports , Can directly 、 Considerable value added . Create a unique 、 Interoperable digital assets can stimulate users , Encourage users to participate in , Provide users with unique digital asset rewards . Unique brand content 、 Gift 、 Lucky draw and other incentives continue ,Fandom The types of monetization tools are increasing .

For now ,Fandom It has great potential for high profits and huge appreciation space . The rapid rise of E-sports and the high profits of the gambling industry will make more and more people interested in it , Into its arms .

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