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The story behind horizen labs's $7 million seed round financing

2021-08-25 08:07:22 Fun coin

   Last week, ,Horizen Labs, Inc. In by Kenetic Capital、Digital Currency Group and Liberty City Ventures The seed round financing of lead investment raised 700 Thousands of dollars . Other famous participants are Sound Ventures、Deribit、Artist Capital、LionTree And a man named Deus Hot new encryption Opportunity Fund . Thank the team for bringing such excellent partners together . You can go to CoinDesk Read more about this round of financing in this article , It can also be in 《Fortune The magazine 》 View this article , In this article , I will share some background and influence .

   In encryption or Blockchain The world , Whatever you want to call this new industry , It's growing explosively . No , I'm not talking about rekt DeFi agreement , I mean, we stumbled upon an important technology , It promises to change our world . The problem is that we don't know what all the effects are , All we know is that something big is brewing .

   In a borderless cryptocurrency 、 Cryptocurrency to protect privacy 、 Intelligent contract 、DeFi agreement 、NFT And various other cross industry experiments dApp Between , We already know that there is a lag explosion of huge market value and end-user value ( Not just speculators ). The core value pillar of all these crazy innovations is technology , It can achieve decentralization and immutability ( perhaps , At least , Change is costly !) Source of truth . What we do with this fact is the added value of this technology relative to the traditional centralized system .

  Horizen Labs, Inc. Our vision is to provide certainty for the world's information .

   We are a blockchain first company , But our core is to build an encryption circuit , Enable zero knowledge proof for a variety of data privacy and security applications (ZKP). This means that we are a tool company , It has greatly promoted the important blockchain infrastructure .

   Blockchain is a distributed database open to the public , You can view each transaction .“ View each transaction ” Not suitable for most business models or a world that opposes invasion of privacy ( In particular, user data and private data of financial transactions ).

   Our technology sets up two worlds : One is that we want the power of transparency ( Open blockchain ), The other is that we still have privacy .ZKP Is the key bridging technology , This is the technology we have invested in and become an industry leader over the years . Others focus on the privacy of transactions ZKP, Send digital assets anonymously . We have been extending this technology to other types of data and the whole operation system , For example, keep the operation of the whole blockchain confidential , But still connected to public sources of truth .

   All this is very abstract , Can be applied to so many use cases , So let's use an example to motivate . We recently worked with the largest cryptocurrency p2p Credit Celsius Network cooperation , Conduct real-time audit of its reserves . Why is this important ? This applies to any company that wants to enter the field of encryption , Their audit method is to pay a lot of money to one of the four or so large audit companies , To manually check your books , To prove that the contents of your public statement are true . and zk-audit Can greatly improve audit efficiency 、 Reduce audit costs 、 Protect the privacy of audit information .

  zkAudit The use of automated blockchain based audit tools has completely changed the rules of the game , The tool builds the encryption proof of the reserves on the chain in real time , Use ZKP Protect the privacy of users and capital flows , At the same time, accurately output the information everyone wants to know :Celsius Actually control their claimed reserves ? The tool can and will be applicable to various audits and certificates including any digital asset on any popular blockchain , For anyone to use . Large audit firms that think they will make a fortune in encryption should worry .

   In this five-year journey of encryption organization construction , We found that talent is the biggest bottleneck . Launch Horizen Early stage , We are anarchists full of stars , Dream of changing the world through open source . Bitcoin is doing this , Why can't we ? Everything is decentralized , We have a super enthusiastic community , We want developers to follow up . Some people did , But in the end, a small group of amateurs who have no resources and are not significantly different from other popular blockchain communities , This is not enough to attract the right people to innovate or provide substance .

   as time goes on ,Horizen This problem is solved by mining a resource pool from the block reward , I still think it is underestimated as a venture financing channel . The first few years were difficult , But there are some miracles in persevering , And the continued small gains do add up .

   Fast forward to today . In the past few years , We have been organizing and team building 、 Recruit and train top talent ( Especially in ZKP field ), And invented and built a great interoperability protocol , To be released in the coming months . With the launch of our side chain main network , It's time to significantly expand the team size and prepare for some large-scale ecosystem construction . say concretely , It's time to take extensible development tools and application cases seriously .Horizen Labs raised 700 Thousands of dollars , Increased critical firepower when needed most .

   Most companies have CEO It's a famous overconfidence , As far as I'm concerned , I've hated unconditional certainty or boasting all my life , But one thing I have great confidence in the quality and organization of the team is . Combine the elite team with incredible partners and mainstream capital that can lead the hottest new industry in the world , Combine the technology niche together , It's a powerful force . That's what our investors are betting on .

   author :Rob Viglione

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