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Project weekly V God: I hope Ethereum can run the meta universe in 5-10 years

2021-08-25 06:21:02 Fun coin

Qu coin weekly It is a weekly blockchain industry summary column launched by qucoin , The content covers the key news of the week 、 Market and contract data 、 Mining information 、 Project dynamics 、 Industry trends such as technological progress . This article is project weekly , Show you the progress of mainstream projects and star projects this week .

The etheric fang

V god : Hope Ethereum 5-10 The meta universe can run in years

8 month 19 Daily news , Co founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin In an interview with Bloomberg, he said , Blockchain and cryptocurrency have developed rapidly in the past decade , Its concept began to challenge finance 、 Existing large players in areas such as technology and consumer goods .Facebook、 twitter 、 Morgan chase 、 Traditional enterprises such as Goldman Sachs are trying to incorporate blockchain into their businesses , Blockchain technology is especially useful for Facebook、 Twitter and other social networks pose a major threat , These old companies will eventually lose to “ Industry upstart ”. Besides ,Vitalik Buterin It also looks forward to the future planning of Ethereum network , He expressed the hope that Ethereum would 5-10 The meta universe can run in years .

The etheric fang NFT Sales of collectibles fell 70%

According to the CryptoSlam Data show that , Several top NFT The sales volume of the project is lower than that two weeks ago . This week, CryptoPunks and Meebits Our sales have fallen respectively 73% and 70%,BoredApeYachtClubNFT Our sales have fallen 49%. Despite the decline in trading volume , But high price NFT The sale is unlikely to end soon . Christie's will auction next month BoredApeNFT as well as CryptoPunks and MeebitsNFT.

Microsoft studies the incentive system based on Ethereum blockchain to combat piracy

8 month 16 Daily news , In a new paper released by Microsoft Research , With the participation of researchers from Alibaba and Carnegie Mellon University , The Redmond based software giant has developed a blockchain based incentive system , To support anti piracy activities .Argus Built on the Ethereum blockchain , It aims to provide an incentive mechanism without trust , At the same time, protect the data collected from the group of open anonymous pirated journalists .Argus The corresponding watermarking algorithm detailed in the paper can be used to trace the pirated content back to the source , Also known as “ Leakage certificate ”, Every leaked content report involves an information hiding program . This paper introduces the cost of Ethereum network in detail , And explained , The team optimized several encryption operations ,“ In order to reduce the cost of piracy reports to about 14 pen ETH The cost of transferring transactions to run on a public Ethereum network , This would otherwise correspond to thousands of transactions .”

Chilean opposition leaders hold “ A few ” The etheric fang , Crypto token “ Should be recognized as an asset ”

In recent days, , Chilean Democratic Revolutionary Party ( The party has in the house of Commons 10 seats , Plus one Senate seat ) founder Giorgio Jackson stay Buda Speaking at the operation activities of the cryptocurrency exchange “ A few ”ETH, However, the investment scale was not disclosed . He also said he ,“ I do not reject the possibility of following El Salvador's example , But I'm skeptical . And now there is no sufficient reason to argue that cryptocurrency is ideal or best as legal tender in any country .” Besides , He also advocated legal change , Think encrypted tokens “ Should be recognized as an asset ”, And urged the development of financial technology and cryptocurrency related legislation .

VanEck To America SEC Submit Ethereum policy ETF apply

VanEck To the securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday (SEC) Submit Ethereum based exchange traded funds (ETF) apply , The fund will seek through indirect transactions ETH To avoid encryption by U.S. regulators ETF The blockade . Ethereum strategy ETF(EthereumStrategyETF) Will invest in Ethereum futures contracts 、 Ethereum approved by Canada ETF、 Ethereum private equity funds and exchange traded Ethereum products . According to the application documents , It does not buy digital assets directly ETH.

Tether Printing money on Ethereum network 10 Million pieces USDT( Authorized but not issued )

Whale Alert data display ,Tether Printing money on Ethereum network 10 Million pieces USDT. Regarding this ,Tether Chief technical officer Paolo Ardoino Express , Ethereum network complements 10 Million pieces USDT Inventory of . This is an authorized but unissued transaction , This means that this amount will be used as inventory for the next issuance request and chain swap .

The currency

Morgan chase : There are signs of bubbles in bitcoin and hydrogen investments.

A JPMorgan report shows that , Even though “ Bond yields face upward pressure ”, And special purpose M & A companies (SPAC)、 Initial public offering (IPO)、 There are signs of bubbles in bitcoin and hydrogen investments. , They are still bullish on the US stock market . JPMorgan strategists say , Other market concerns include “ Similar to foam behavior ” Industry , These include stocks related novel coronavirus pneumonia. 、 Renewable energy 、 Electric vehicles and cryptocurrencies , as well as “ High growth ” And innovation stocks .

Galaxy Digital To beauty SEC Application for registration of bitcoin futures ETF

Mike Novogratz Financial services and cryptocurrency investment management company Galaxy Digital To the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Apply for registration as Galaxy Bitcoin Strategy ETF Bitcoin Futures ETF. According to the application documents , The ETF Mainly seek capital appreciation by managing bitcoin futures contract exposure , Instead of investing directly in bitcoin , May invest in the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Registered bitcoin futures contracts 、 Canadian exchange traded funds and money market instruments .

Shanghai Minhang court : Bitcoin is obtained through legal labor , It is disposable 、 Exchangeability and exclusivity

Official account of Shanghai Minhang court discloses case courier : The plaintiff purchased bitcoin through the Internet ”WKJ”. Later, the plaintiff held that the people's Bank of China had issued a document jointly with many ministries and commissions 《 Notice on preventing the financing risk of token issuance 》, It is required to stop the financing activities for the issuance of bitcoin and other tokens , Therefore, it is specially used to calculate and produce bitcoin “WKJ” No longer valuable , Trading is illegal , Claim that the contract is invalid and ask for a refund . Is the sales contract valid ? Shanghai Minhang Court explained that ,《 The civil code 》 Article 127 provides that ,” The law has no effect on data 、 There are rules for the protection of network virtual property , According to its rules .” In this case , Bitcoin has no monetary attributes such as legal compensation and compulsion , It cannot be used as money in the market , However, it is obtained through legal labor , It is disposable 、 Exchangeability and exclusivity , With virtual commodity attribute , Therefore, the sales contract is valid , The court ruled against the plaintiff's claim .

Eindhoven became the first football club to accept bitcoin to pay all sponsorship fees

according to 8 month 17 The announcement of , PSV Eindhoven (PSV Eindhoven) With cryptocurrency companies Anycoin Direct After signing the agreement , Become the first European football club to pay all its sponsorship fees in bitcoin . This partnership , Designed to promote cryptocurrency awareness in Europe , It will last two seasons .PSV Business director of Frans Janssen Cryptocurrency wallet has been created , These wallets are needed to facilitate payment and holding cryptocurrencies .Janssen Express , The possibilities and future offered by the cryptocurrency world are very promising . As one located in Brainport The club in the Regional Center , We have been innovating , Cryptocurrency is well suited to this situation .

Bitcoin miners Iris Energy Apply for direct listing in the United States

8 month 18 Daily news , Bitcoin miners Iris Energy Apply for direct listing in the United States , Bitcoin miners Iris Energy Express : It is expected that 2021 Listed on NASDAQ in the fourth quarter of 2004 .

billionaire PeterThiel Big data companies accept bitcoin payments

8 month 18 Daily news , billionaire PeterThiel Big data company PalantirTechnologies Accept bitcoin payment . notes :PeterThiel yes PayPal cofounder ,2004 In, he founded a three person dormitory for Zuckerberg Facebook Write the first check , This investment makes PeterThiel Become a billionaire .

analysts Willy Woo: The accumulation of bitcoin by short-term and long-term investors is continuing

8 month 19 Daily news , analysts Willy Woo Express , The accumulation of bitcoin by short-term and long-term investors is continuing , Companies are also continuing to buy bitcoin , Capital deposited in the form of stable currency is flowing into bitcoin . Mid - ( About three months later ) The outlook for is bullish . Although holding 100 BTC The above holders tend to shift from buying strategy to selling strategy , But retailers ( hold 1 BTC Holders of , They appear as buyers ) On going . here , Purchases follow a very exponential curve , This is related to the medium-term stage of the bull market , Besides , Stable bitcoin traffic leaving bitcoin at the beginning of the year , from 7 It has been used to buy bitcoin since the beginning of this month .

The Central Bank of El Salvador issued a draft of bitcoin related banking supervision regulations

8 month 19 Daily news , Central Bank of El Salvador 8 month 17 Two drafts of sunrise platform , Guide banks and financial institutions on how to provide BTC Related services . The first draft is called 《 Digital wallet platform bitcoin and dollar authorization operation guide 》, Where means from 9 month 7 The day begins ,BTC Will be officially adopted as legal currency . The second draft is called 《 Technical standards to promote the application of bitcoin method 》, Which point out that : Financial entities must apply to the central bank to provide digital wallets . The application must specify the type of product provided , Include target market details 、 risk assessment 、 Charges to customers 、 Educational regulations and complaint procedures for customers . All customers need to do KYC, But it is not clear whether the ID card is enough to encrypt the wallet . Comprehensive anti money laundering procedures , Such as transaction monitoring and analysis will also be applied . Bi directional convertibility between bitcoin and USD must be provided , And allow banks to charge fees . All bitcoins held by banks and companies must be fully supported , Instead of partial reserve support . The central bank holds dollars , Bitcoin will be held by the custodian , Hosting services can be outsourced . Besides , The bill also requires banks or financial institutions to warn customers , Bitcoin prices are unstable , The transaction cannot be reversed , If you lose the private key , Will lose bitcoin . There are no provisions on the accounting standards or exchange rates for converting bitcoin into legal currency or legal currency into cryptocurrency .

Wells Fargo has registered a private bitcoin fund with US regulators

Wells Fargo announced on Thursday that it has registered a private bitcoin fund with U.S. regulators , Become the latest large bank to provide indirect encrypted investment vehicles for its richest customers . Sources said , This is a passive Fund . According to regulatory documents ,NYDIG and FSInvestments Is working with WellsFargo Cooperate in this release . Wells Fargo takes a cut from sales through two subsidiaries . As of Thursday , New fund FSNYDIGBitcoinFundI,LP No sales . JPMorgan's passive bitcoin fund was also submitted to the securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday .

European futures exchange launches bitcoin ETN futures

The European futures exchange (Eurex) Announced the launch of bitcoin ETN( Exchange traded notes ) futures , The futures market will become the first regulated bitcoin derivatives market in Europe . This futures issue will be 9 month 13 Daily start , Based on bitcoin listed on Frankfurt Stock Exchange ETFBTCetc issue , A bitcoin ETN amount to 1/1000 Bitcoin , And has actual bitcoin asset support , The futures contract will be traded in euros , And in bitcoin ETN Physical delivery .

Bitcoin mining Bit Digital Release 2021 The results of the second quarter of , Bitcoin mining revenue is 2830 Thousands of dollars

New York based bitcoin mining company Bit Digital Released today 2021 The results of the second quarter of , Bitcoin mining revenue is 2830 Thousands of dollars . The number of bitcoins earned is 562.9 gold . By 2021 year 6 month 30 Japan ,70.8% Mine machines have been deployed in North America 、 Transport or waiting for installation . The company owns 32500 Famous miners ,2021 Acquisition in the second quarter of 3515 Famous miners .

Other items

Axie Infinity

  • The daily income is 1220 Thousands of dollars

Qucoin reported , According to the TokenTerminal data display ,NFT+ Blockchain game project AxieInfinity The daily income is 1220 Thousands of dollars , near 7 Total income per day 8142 Thousands of dollars , near 30 Total income per day 3.5656 Billion dollars . The market shows , At present AXS Quotation for 72.09 dollar , Day up 5.71%.

  • Axie Infinity Tokens, AXS Up this week 56%, Join cryptocurrency 50 strong

In the past 7 God ,Axie Infinity Tokens, AXS The exchange rate rose against the US dollar 56.94%, to 67.96 dollar , The market value has ranked among cryptocurrencies 50 strong , At the moment, it's in 41 position .AXS stay 90 Up in days 934%, Up since last month 227%. Monday AXS Economic value 39 Billion dollars , a turnover 7.91 Billion dollars .axie infinity Website traffic has increased greatly 375%, to 2290 ten thousand , Most of the traffic comes from the Philippines , The second is Venezuela 、 Brazil 、 United States and Argentina .Axie Infinity Another token SLP Fell in two weeks 14.8%, to 0.175 dollar , Monday market value 2.13 Billion dollars , The transaction amount is about 1.23 Billion dollars .

  • YGG founder Gabby Dizon And Sillytuna offer 190 $10000 Recycling Rare Axie Almace

8 month 17 Japan ,YieldGuildGames founder GabbyDizon Tweet that , Will work with Sillytuna offer 190 Thousands of dollars (595.5ETH) Recycling Almace.Almace yes AxieInfinity The rarest of Axie(AGAMOGENESIS There are three ), Last year they will Almace adopt NFT Fragmentation tool Niftex Fragmentation into 1 m ALMX Tokens, .

  • “ Play and earn ” Blockchain game Axie Infinity The number of traders has broken through 40 ten thousand

8 month 16 Daily news , According to the latest data ,“ Play and earn ”(Play-to-Earn) Blockchain like games Axie Infinity The number of traders has broken through 40 ten thousand , This article was written as 400,262, Besides Axie Infinity The total transaction volume reached 13.58 Billion dollars , Sales approaching 300 ten thousand ( At present for 2,996,475). at present ,Axie Infinity stay NFT Ranked first in the collection transaction volume , proxime accessit CryptoPunks The transaction volume is about 7.06 Billion dollars , The number of traders is 4,262.

Pinecone Finance

  • BSC On Chain Revenue aggregator Pinecone Finance The vault was attacked , The loss is about 20 Thousands of dollars

8 month 19 Japan , According to the Pinecone Finance Official Official announcement shows ,BSC On Chain Revenue aggregator PineconeFinance The vault was attacked , The loss is about 350 over PCT( About us 20 Thousands of dollars ), At present, the official has identified three wallet addresses of the attacker , And contact Binance The team took action to locate the attacker , At the same time, further compensation plans will be announced soon .

  • The perpetrator returned all lost tokens , And will support the development of the project for a long time

Revenue aggregator Pinecone Finance Express , The perpetrator returned all lost tokens , It also expressed its willingness to support the development of the project in more ways for a long time . According to introducing ,Pinecone Finance By tracking down the perpetrators ( Hereinafter referred to as Mr. X) Wallet account . Locked the hot wallet addresses and transfer records of the three associated exchanges , Then contacted the security audit institution and the exchange for tracing Mr. X identity . Previous news ,Polygon On the chain PancakeBunny External attack .


  • Uniswap go online Wazir

According to official information ,Uniswap Online Indian cryptoexchange Wazir Tokens, BWRX.

  • Uniswap financing 2500 The latest community proposal of $million is suspected to be cancelled

8 month 20 Daily news ,Uniswap Controversial financing 2500 The $million community proposal has been cancelled . The proposal is planned to be raised in two years 2500 Thousands of dollars , Gain revenue through automated investment strategies , Half of the proceeds are distributed to community members , Half to service providers Flipside. The proposal was rejected Dune Analytics And other community members , They didn't agree to share the proceeds with Flipside, Think this is an abuse of funds , After hours of debate 、 Twitter replies and discussions , In obtaining 4690 After 10000 votes against , The proposal appears to have been cancelled .Dune Analytics Then tweeted that : We are glad that today's proposal was not adopted . We look forward to working with you UNI Community cooperation , Help promote community analysis and fund-raising in the best way .

  • Uniswap Community proposal : Planned financing 2500 US $million is under the management of the Committee , Designed to motivate communities and developers

8 month 19 Japan ,Uniswap The community initiates the latest community proposal , The proposal is intended to raise value 2500 Thousands of dollars in UNI, Gain revenue through automated investment strategies , And will 50% The proceeds are distributed to community members or Dune Analytics And other industry institutions , In order to promote Uniswap The common prosperity of the community . in addition 50% The proceeds will be allocated to encryption industry institutions Flipside, Used to Uniswap Provide infrastructure development services . The proposal suggests that all the funds should be handed over to the government 10 Management committee composed of , among 3 artificial Flipside Members of . At present, this proposal has been rejected Dune Analytics Against , They pointed out that the proposal would make up to 2500 Thousands of dollars in UNI By Flipside Mechanism manipulation , And this is for the whole Uniswap Ecological software developers will have a significant impact .


  • Compound Plan to launch a proposal to transfer the emergency pause protection function to the community multi signature address

DeFi Loan agreement Compound The plan will initiate an emergency suspension of the protection function (Pause Guardian) Vote on the proposal transferred to the community multi signature address , The proposal removes emergency custody from Compound Labs Transfer to a community multisignature address created by community members , And the multi signature address needs 4-of-6 To approve any transaction , The current membership includes Compound Labs、Dharma Labs etc. . Emergency pause protection (Pause Guardian) yes Compound Supply is tight in the market 、 Emergency function of suspension in case of large-scale loan liquidation , Previously, it has been by Compound Labs The address is managed separately .

  • Compound General counsel : The Treasury wants to pass the infrastructure Bill “ Capture DeFi”

8 month 18 Daily news ,Compound General counsel JakeChervinsky Think , The cryptocurrency clause added to the U.S. infrastructure act at the last minute is intended to “ Capture DeFi”.Chervinsky Recently expressed in the podcast program , The industry is protected by the encrypted tax provisions of the infrastructure act “ Plot against ” 了 . Even though Chervinsky Pointed out the previous discussion around the infrastructure bill “ Encryption independent ”, But he attributed more sinister motives to the role of the Treasury in influencing the legislative process . He admitted that his statement might belong to “ Conspiracy theories ” 了 , But it suggests that the Treasury may be looking for another way to “ Continue to use ” Former Treasury Secretary Steve · U Chin (SteveMnuchin) Trying to impose stringent reporting requirements on self hosted encrypted wallets .

DAO Maker: Provide full compensation for users affected by hacking events in two stages

8 month 18 Daily news ,DAOMaker Launch a compensation plan for users affected by recent hacking incidents . All users affected by hacker attacks will be fully compensated , The compensation plan will be divided into 2 In stages . The first stage is the next one SHO Previous 8 month 19 Japan , All affected users will receive 500 US dollar airdrop , The money can be used to participate SHO Or withdrawal . The second stage ,DAOMaker Will be in 8 month 19 One year after the day DAO Compensation to users in the form of tokens , And there will be 10% Additional income .2021 year 9 month 8 Japan ,DAOMaker Will air drop USDR Tokens, , representative 1 Redemption rights after years , Every USDR Tokens are equivalent to 1.1 individual DAO The value of .2022 year 9 month 8 Japan , be-all USDR Tokens will be deployed in a smart contract , For users to exchange DAO Tokens, , be-all USDR Will be destroyed at that time . individual DAO The value of .2022 year 9 month 8 Japan , be-all USDR Tokens will be deployed in a smart contract , For users to exchange DAO Tokens, , be-all USDR Will be destroyed at that time .

Sushiswap: newest 5 A proposal was passed today , Or will create a multi chain expansion fund

8 month 18 Japan ,Sushiswap The community voted for the latest 5 A proposal , Including the creation of multi chain expansion fund 、 Creating a multilingual real-time consulting system 、 by NFT Storage service development infrastructure 、 The payment rate parameter of governance control is introduced 、 Create terms such as metrics for the incentive pool . According to the snapshot Information display , The above proposal is recent 3 The only batch of proposals approved within months . Regarding this , Investment institution Arca Of CIOJeffDorman Express , The above proposal is for Sushi User growth and overall Defi All fields are very valuable , And contribute to token economics and Sushi Development of related funds .

Porta Network: Launch ecosystem grant program to support developers

8 month 19 Daily news , Focus on acceleration Web3 Blockchain projects adopted on a large scale Porta Network Its ecosystem grant scheme is being launched .2021 year ,Porta Network Will provide value 6 Thousands of dollars in grant, Award set to 1 Ten thousand dollars sum 1.5 Thousands of dollars , A total reward 2-4 Fund .Porta Is based on Substrate Of N-POS Proof of interest blockchain , Focus on simplifying the user and developer experience . since 8 month 11 It launched its test network on Wednesday “Padlock” since , Already exceeded 125 Developers develop on their chain , And created it on the test network 80 A variety of new cryptocurrencies .

Cirus: Former apple CEO Gil Amelio Join the project as a consultant

Cirus The foundation announced on Monday , The company has appointed a former Apple CEO Gil Amelio As its senior consultant . This blockchain driven data ownership project represents , The senior technology executive will also chair his business department , help Cirus Open up an untapped market for its technology .

Ops: Will be in 8 month 18 Japan 21 At the time Uniswap Formal opening of liquidity pledge

According to the official announcement ,ETH Social networking on the chain NFT platform Ops Will be in Beijing time 8 month 18 Japan 21 On when Uniswap Liquidity pledge , At the same time open OPS Pass transaction . The first mining period will continue 45 God , The output of the head mine is daily output 3 Double speed , Users pledge OPS-USDT、OPS-FLUX Transaction pair available OPS Pass card . It is reported that ,Ops Is a by Zero One Created by the team Web3.0 The new social platform of the times , Users can distribute freely NFT Social business cards enable social content NFT turn . Key concepts are NFT+DeFi+MEME+ social contact , The main functions include the functions required by users to socialize NFT Auction house transactions 、NFT Private content browsing 、 Social square 、 Built in liquidity mining .

Anchorage: Launch blockchain governance voting service , The first service object is Aave

Cryptocurrency custody company Anchorage Launch blockchain governance voting service to improve institutional awareness DeFi Participation , The first service object is decentralized loan agreement Aave. Institutions and token holders can use Anchorage Governance portal for , Participation is good for Aave On chain governance decision of loan agreement , The system uses an independent voting key , So that digital assets can be stored securely .

disclaimer : As a blockchain information platform , The content of the published article is for information only , Not as actual investment advice . Please establish a correct investment concept , Be sure to raise risk awareness .

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