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In the wave of gamefi, who can win this infrastructure card battle?

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EIP1559 After a successful upgrade ,ETH The amount of destruction has attracted much attention , As of the time of writing , The whole network has been burning for nearly 70000 gold ETH, among NFT+ Chain Tour Gas Fee Destroyed ETH Of the total 22.1%, amount to uniswap On ETH Of total destruction 2.25 times . If Defi Summer is for all public chains ( Capacity expansion ) A big test of the project , Then there is no doubt that GameFi The wave will open a new round of infrastructure card position dispute .

We take the original asset ecology as the division standard , Will now GameFi The running common chains are broadly grouped into the following three categories :ETH On chain capacity expansion scheme (Layer2)、 The generalized side chain of bridging assets (Sidechain)、 Independent public chain scheme .

 user chart 1: At present NFT And the main infrastructure of the chain tour project

Side chain ( Independent public chain ) Inherit DeFi User volume , Become GameFi The first stop at the flow inlet

According to the DappRadar and Cryptoslam Show , at present NFT and GameFI The leading public chain of the plate is still ETH,Polygon,BSC and Flow. It's not difficult to understand. ,DeFi The infrastructure captures the user's logic in GameFi The field is still established , The user takes Play2Earn We look forward to finding the right investment in the familiar Ecology ( game ) The underlying .

 user chart 2: List of popular chain games ,Source:Dappradar

 user chart 3: hot NFT Project leaderboards ,Source:CryptoSlam

BSC As ETH“ Super side chain ”, With the blessing of the flow center currency security exchange , Inherited BSC Upper DeFi user . however BSC Chain tour project running on , It's more like a fire game Axie A variation of the .Mobox stay Axie On the basis of the introduction of mortgage lending NFT The concept of ,CryptoBaldes On the basis of combat NFT Krypton gold upgrades the concept of winning rate .

The most eye-catching performance of the side chain is the bearing chain Axie Explosive Ronin Side chain , meanwhile Polygon As an ambitious ETH Expansion side chain , In a highly integrated Ecology , Also creatively handed over ZedRun Answers to popular horse racing games .

Sit on the top stream NFT Project Flow, opened Ramp Wait for the legal currency payment channel to exchange directly FUSD, And develop their own wallets and other closed-loop ecological systems , Designed to cultivate sticky user habits . I think it's also NBA Cards can be in many strong IP NFT The reason why the project stands out . The present Flow Flagship RPG+NFT Collection chain tour project Chainmonster Open beta , And plan to 2022 Landed on the traditional game platform Steam, I'm looking forward to Flow The ability to break loops . however , because Flow The ecology of is relatively closed-loop and single , In assets /NFT Cross chain bridging is slightly weak in this important link , It remains to be seen whether it can undertake existing users on the chain .

 user chart 4: Chain Tour ChainMonster, Soon to go online Steam,

although GameFi Be able to inherit DeFi User volume for , But it's different from DeFi Users' digging, selling ,GameFi The user is in Play2Earn In mode , More hope to get the game Token/NFT Save temporarily or permanently , Sell at the right time to get higher returns . every NFT Collectors or chain game players can deeply experience , Apart from being cheap 、 high efficiency 、 Can cross the chain outside these three conditions , The long-term security of assets should be considered as a necessary condition .

Therefore, even at present, high-performance chains such as side chains have become GameFi The first stop at the flow inlet , Most of the upcoming online chain games /NFT project , From the perspective of asset security and development expansibility , Still choose ETH As the first public chain .

ETH Layer2 New ecology —— Proof of zero knowledge (ZK) Capacity expansion scheme leads the way GameFi New direction of infrastructure

Polygon Acquisition Hermez, Overweight ZK Rollup Expansion plan .Polygon Studios Overall layout of game Ecology .

Chain tour of continuous fire explosion Axie Infinity Using the... Developed by his team Ronin Side chain , Carrying more than 50 The daily number of 10000 people . however , Most side chains in order to achieve low handling fees 、 Quickly confirm the user experience , Usually at the expense of “ De centralization ” That is, at the expense of asset security .

Even if the side chain Polygon In front of this problem, a free and open node scheme is adopted , At the same time, it provides users with PoS Bridge and Plasma Bridges are two asset bridging tools , However, the security of the former and the timeliness of the latter are still criticized .

ETH Layer2 Rollup The scheme was approved by the founder of Ethereum Vitalik Multiple nominations and recommendations , among ZK Rollup With its simple and fast currency charging and withdrawal smart contract , Both ensure the safety of assets , And can greatly reduce Gas Fee, It is praised as an effective capacity expansion scheme for long-term cycle . although ZK Compare with Optimistic Rollup It is difficult to meet the general computing function of complex contracts in a short time , But the latter takes too long to withdraw money , And ZK Rollup It is still recognized by the market .

For more explanation on capacity expansion technology, please refer to this article :

 user chart 5:PolygonStudios Layout Polygon Chain tour Ecology ,

therefore , In establishment Polygon Studios Determined to expand chain travel +NFT After layout ,Polygon Then followed by 2.5 Billion dollars to buy Hermez Network, And put in 10 Billion dollars as Polygon ZK Rollup Strategic R & D Fund , Heavy bets make up for Polygon ecology Layer2 Blank of capacity expansion scheme . however ZK Rollup As the most difficult expansion scheme to develop , The launch time is still unknown , But also for others ZK The expansion team provides “ Grab the beach ” Window period .

StarkWare The blessing , Born with a gold key Immutable X, Whether it can become a leader in the field of chain games ZK Rollup A leader ?

Immutable X The predecessor team is a well-known chain game company Gods unchained( Later referred to as" GU), The production team Fuel Games stay 2019 The market downturn created 5 God 400ETH Revenue records , More than... Were created in the public beta stage of the game 400 Thousands of copies NFT Game cards (ERC721 Format ), And in the same year created “ sky-high ”NFT Game cards —— value 6.2 Thousands of dollars in Mythic.Coinbase、FTX、Animoca The strong investor background also makes it a star team born with a golden key .

With the increasing number of users ,GU The team set out to solve ETH The reality of congested and expensive transactions on the chain , So I began to prepare and plan for chain tour (NFT) Born Layer2 Expansion plan . The development team was originally called Immutable, It aims to ensure the absolute security of user assets , Because of this , The side chain expansion scheme was also abandoned .

Uphold Immutable Capacity expansion =ETH Capacity expansion =NFT The solution of capacity expansion , In contrast to Optimistic And zero knowledge proof (ZK) After the plan , Because of the former “ Proof of fraud ” As a result, the withdrawal process is too long , And this disadvantage cannot be remedied ,Immutable Finally gave up Optimistic choice ZK Expansion path . As mentioned above, zero knowledge proof can not realize general computing function in a short time , But based on the current development level of chain travel , Can satisfy NFT Simple requirements such as transaction synthesis , And it can ensure asset security to the greatest extent while being fast and free , Enough to be the most “ To use ” Infrastructure of .

And in the face of ZK Expansion plan Validium and ZK Rollup When making a choice ,Immutable And StarkWare Teamwork , Design a zero knowledge proof scheme suitable for the habits of chain game users “Volition”, The scheme gives the option back to the user , It combines Validium No data validation efficiency , Meet the light assets of game players 、 High frequency transaction demand , It's also a fusion of ZK-rollup Data validation security , It meets the absolute security needs of low-frequency large asset transfer .2021 year 4 month ,Immutable X A beta version has been launched , The first week of launch is NFT Traders save nearly 130 Ten thousand dollars Gas Fee. In the introduction of the latest project test scheme , We noticed that Immutable X Call yourself ZK Rollup Layer 2 Expansion plan .

 user chart 6:Volition ZK programme ,

The above mentioned ,Polygon Layer2 The on-line gap may give Immutable X Provide preemption Layer 2 Market share opportunities , I think it is necessary for public chain infrastructure to seize market share 3 Essential elements :

1、 Smooth, cheap and safe use experience

2、 rich Dapp ecology

3、 Strong marketing and publicity ability

First , Compared with the above mentioned Polygon Side chain ,Immutable What kind of use experience does it bring us ?

 user chart 7:Immutable X And Polygon PoS Chain usage process comparison

The traditional concept of Layer 2 Capacity expansion schemes often give the impression that they are complex and difficult to use . But in the use of ImmutableX In the process we found , In terms of use experience and security ,Immutable X It can be done with Polygon The side chain forms a competitive relationship at the same level :

1、Immutable X The fluency of coin charging and withdrawal and Gas Fee Consume , And Polygon Almost the same .2、 because Immutable X Was born in ETH Of Layer 2, No need to use Polygon Prepare in advance like the public chain Matic As Gas Fee reserve , It greatly simplifies the preliminary preparation process for use (Polygon On chain transfer although each consumption Matic Very small , But whether it's from Cex perhaps Dex Buy Matic Will bring additional ETH Gas Fee spending ).

3、Layer 2 Compared to the side chain , Greater security of assets .

Another core link of chain tour is NFT Transactions ,Immutable X Except for the assembly Opensea Other classic NFT Marketplace, Also developed built-in Immutable Marketplace, It's like a NFT transaction “ Cross project bridge ” Integrate... In different game ecosystems NFT Assemble into the same market , Its original “Metaorder” The order model also helps traders screen their favorite products in the fastest way NFT. In the recently updated project plan ,immutable Put forward a new “ Carbon neutralization ”NFT Transaction concept , Will all NFT Resulting from the transaction Gas Fee Count it out , Leave it to Immutable The team funded the purchase of carbon emission indicators from the project profits .

 user chart 8:IMX Ecological diagram ,Source:ETH icon is from

To motivate users to enter Immutable X The ecology of ,Immutable X Our platform token IMX It's also on the agenda .

although IMX The white paper on tokens has not been released yet , But it has begun to move to the early stage Gods Unchained Players and Marketplace User airdrop IMX Tokens, , official Medium Also continued to send a document saying , New players still have a chance to get IMX Token airdrop reward .

It is worth noting that , at present immutable X Smart contract ETH balance ETH Although only 600 More than a , But the number of people who charge and withdraw money every day remains high , Keep daily 1000 Level of address number . Although all the star games are not online at present , But potential players are actively trying to use Immutable X.


 user chart 9:Immutable X ETH Filling and withdrawal ,

Imagine , To capture users ,IMX What token rights can be granted ? Community governance voting , Platform income dividend , Platform transaction common token ( Cross game NFT exchange ), In game beta ,NFT Mortgage lending tokens ……ImmutableX Make people more curious : Whether there will be a new game launch platform in the chain game field , A chain game field STEAM?

Gala Can you find another way , Become a chain tour “ Video Game Room ”?

  • GalaGames and ERC1155

In addition to the above Layer 2 fierce fighting , The competition between chain tour projects is more fierce , The super fast financing speed and the valuation of billion dollar game projects , Let people feel the heat and expectation of the current market . But at present, most chain games are dominated by a single game , Rare like The Sandbox,Decentraland In this way Metaverse Auction chain game carrier , So in the meta universe + In the heated discussion of chain tour , Land auction also ushered in a new round of auction climax .

When it comes to land auction projects , Another unique ERC1155 project Gala It can't help brightening up .Gala It aims to build itself into a composite game platform ——“ Chain game hall ”, This is a rare platform area chain tour project in the chain Tour field .

ERC1155 It can be understood as ERC20Token and ERC721NFT Compatible version of , An unlimited number of common services can be deployed in a smart contract Token and NFT, At the same time, multiple complex transactions can also be packaged and submitted to the blockchain . I think this feature is extremely suitable for developing NFT Synthetic evolutionary games , It is especially suitable for representing game points , Game ecological economic tokens such as game gold coins and their NFT.

A simple example , In construction games , If the specified upgrade path is 10000 Brick =1000 wall =10 floor =1 building , If you want to pass ERC721-NFT Characterize the whole process , You need to create at least 11011 Different NFT, And if used ERC1155-NFT Characterize the whole process , You can create 10000 A brick Token(NFT),1000 Walls NFT,10 Floors NFT and 1 A tall building NFT. And ERC1155-NFT The synthetic path is reversible , That is, if destroyed 10 Floors NFT You can create 1 A tall building NFT, Then destroy it 1 A tall building can get 10 Floors NFT.

Same as Immutable be similar ,Gala The founder's background also has a complete game gene . founder Eric It's an old social game company Zynga One of the founders of ( Stock code ZNGA,8 month 18 Daily market value 90.79 Billion dollars ).Zynga Your peak time is about 2010 About years ago , Attached to the Facebook Strong social networks , Develop web games to the extreme , adopt “City Ville” And other popular games have established the position of the world's largest game manufacturer . Success is nothing but failure , Due to over dependence Facebook Social network of , Misjudge that the rise of mobile games has not been transformed in time ,Zynga The darkest hour of is fixed at 2014 Large layoffs in China .

thankfully ,Gala After learning from previous experience , Successfully captured the new track of chain tour , And improve the user system in time , Create social networks attached to blockchain addresses .Russo(Polyient) evaluation Gala A content creation company that builds a game ecosystem for a long time , And use powerful marketing skills to attract mainstream Internet users to participate in the blockchain .

  • Ecological overview of chain game hall

Gala As “Gala Video Game Room ” Universal token in , Both community pass 、 Game pass 、 Game development ( Land auction )、 The game goes online ,NFT Marketplace And so on .

As a game development platform and online platform ,Gala It's using ERC1155 The subtlety of standards , Integrated 5 An original built-in game , Respectively :Town Star( Farm building games , Open beta )、Spider Tank Project、Mirandus( Open beta soon )、Fortified、Echoes of Empire. Each game is playable , It also has Play2Earn Pattern , That is, collect and synthesize rare NFT after , Earn... Through rarity ranking Token Reward . stay TownHouse The beta is online 5 During the week , Captured 180 Million monthly users !

2021 year 7 month ,Gala Games We get from BSC Investment of incubation Fund , And will Gala Token and BSC Asset interaction through the chain , Provide users with a variety of asset management methods .

besides ,Gala Also recently released a new version Game Stores, Designed to integrate game stores and NFT MarketPlace.Gala Tokens can be used to buy feature packs in the game , Achieve functional evolution , It can also be used as an ecological currency , stay Gala Game Store Internal trading NFT.Gala Game Stores As NFT Transaction aggregator , It can help users simplify NFT The trading process of , By screening , Sorting and other functions , Merge and buy what you need at one time NFT, It saves time for users to switch back and forth in different game stores .

meanwhile Gala Tokens can also be used to buy network nodes , Through participating nodes , Share revenue sharing with the whole community .

 user chart 10:Gala Ecological Overview ,

Who can become a chain tour Steam, Master the flow entrance ?

The development process of chain games can refer to the development process of Internet Games , Its carrier may be from web page to computer client , From mobile page to mobile APP, From red and white consoles to physical game consoles . I believe that the form of flow entry will also be upgraded with the development of chain game . It may originate from public chain Ecology , Develop into an integrated wallet , It may also explode from a popular web page all over the world , Or is it a product with “ Cold Wallet ” Functional game console . The latest version just released recently Google Horizon Let's believe more Metaverse Our future is not far away .

The current chain tour is still in its early stage , Most of the actual operations are recorded on the client server , Asset allocation is handed over to the two-step mode of bookkeeping on the chain . When the game involves high frequency and complex recording on the chain , High performance infrastructure is extremely important . In the long term , Side chains that lack safety , Congested Layer 1, Will be Layer2 Expansion and ETH Piecewise scheme iteration .Polygon,MakerDAO Quickly realize this , stay 8 Month quickly created GameFi platform, Visible chain tour Steam It's a must for chain Rangers !Immutable X As a rare Layer2 Expansion plan + Gaming platform , Have the ability to grow into a chain game Steam Important genes .

“ Small game hall ” It is also a game platform project that is likely to appear in the development path of chain tour . In order to break the circle quickly , Chain travel needs a simple and easy-to-use carrier to reduce the threshold , Also need to pass a simple Play2Earn The mode of fission to get customers . We are Gala Game I also saw the prototype of this small and beautiful platform , Break the circle to attract users through chain games on the Internet .

The explosion of chain tour is an important event opened in the era of meta universe , The flow entrance of the chain tour will also become the user hotbed of the meta universe .GameFi The battle for users is about to break out , Let's open our arms and look forward to !

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