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Why is it an inevitable trend for blockchain to integrate privacy computing?

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From a larger perspective , To build a comprehensive privacy Protection and governance system , Not just Integration Blockchain 、 Artificial intelligence 、 big data 、 Privacy computing, etc technology , It also needs to be combined with laws and regulations 、 Regulatory governance and many other strategies .

 Why is it an inevitable trend for blockchain to integrate privacy Computing ?

New infrastructure under the new data security regulations

 Why is it an inevitable trend for blockchain to integrate privacy Computing ?

In a digital society , We have a stronger demand for data production factors , Whether it's user service 、 Business marketing requires a lot of data , Especially in the business model of distributed collaboration , All parties hope that the data can flow smoothly , And reasonably reflect the data value . But to the contrary , Data islands still exist , The extensive use of data remains to be solved .

meanwhile , Legal compliance has become the general trend . Whether at home or abroad , And personal information protection 、 Laws and regulations related to data security have been issued one by one , Have put forward stricter requirements for personal information protection and data security . It means , To ensure the security of data , Also respect personal privacy rights ; Throughout the data lifecycle , It is required to achieve a comprehensive specification , Achieve a compliant circulation .

user-centric , Exchange data under the premise of security and privacy , And provide high-quality and compliant Services , It is the trend of digital society construction , Need in technology 、 Business model 、 Make more innovations in the governance system . Introduce privacy computing into distributed systems 、 Develop compliant data exchanges and other initiatives , All reflect this innovative spirit .

Blockchain and privacy computing , Exist side by side and play a part together

 Why is it an inevitable trend for blockchain to integrate privacy Computing ?

In the field of private Computing , Blockchain 、 Federated learning and secure multiparty computing have become three key core technologies , And these three technologies focus on each other , There are also many overlaps and connections .

among , From the perspective of blockchain , We can see , One side , The data on the blockchain needs to be protected by privacy algorithms ; On the other hand , Blockchain can also become the base and hub of private computing collaboration : Use blockchain technology to record 、 Trace data sets in multi-party collaboration 、 Algorithm model 、 The calculation process , And evaluate and agree on the final results , Continuously optimize collaboration efficiency .

After a few years , When we explore the application landing in the blockchain field , Blockchain is often used to build business scenarios “ Distributed ledger ”. Compliance applications will impact users and merchants KYC(Know Your Client), There are also many problems that need to be solved by innovative solutions such as privacy Computing .

for example , Whether the identity information can be published to the whole alliance chain ? At the time of trading , The amount in the transaction 、 Whether the relevant parties have disclosed in writing ? Everyone has assets , Whether it can be queried at will ? People's business behavior , Whether it will be abused without authorization ?

 Why is it an inevitable trend for blockchain to integrate privacy Computing ?

for example , In the point card voucher business in the consumption scenario , Businesses and businesses usually don't want to expose their business situation too much , For example, how many users open cards 、 Recharge , And the running water every day ; Individual users also do not want their consumption behavior to be publicly examined .

therefore , Before the privacy problem can be completely solved , The method we usually adopt is , Introduce core authorities to participate in consensus and maintain the whole account book , Other participants were stratified , Participate in... As roles with different permissions . But such , To some extent, it increases the complexity of the system , Impact on the user experience , meanwhile , It brings challenges to the scale and popularization of blockchain applications .

 Why is it an inevitable trend for blockchain to integrate privacy Computing ?

at present , Blockchain is also widely used in the field of government affairs , For example, in smart city management and various livelihood applications , To provide you with “ All in one ” Good experience , This requires multiple areas 、 Multi region 、 Multi sectoral collaboration . We can see , The application of government affairs covers a wide range , There are many roles , There are multiple levels of sensitivity and importance of data .

Blockchain can be used as a base for distributed collaboration , Through the data directory 、 Data lake, etc , Build a hub for data flow , At the same time, privacy computing and comprehensive governance rules are introduced , Define the boundaries of the data , Make data in “ Not out of the warehouse ” At the same time , Identity authentication can still be realized 、 Hidden query 、 Model building and other capabilities .

From a larger perspective , To build a comprehensive privacy protection and governance system , Not only does it need to integrate blockchains 、 Artificial intelligence 、 big data 、 Privacy computing and other technologies , It also needs to be combined with laws and regulations 、 Regulatory governance and many other strategies .

“ Double cycle ” The model reflects the closed loop of the whole life cycle

There are rich scenarios for blockchain privacy protection 、 There are many roles , The process is diverse 、 Data stereo , We can use “ Double cycle ” Further analysis of the mechanism .

 Why is it an inevitable trend for blockchain to integrate privacy Computing ?

First , We start from the client , Respect the user's right to know and control the data , Give important data to user management .

such as , Authenticated “ Four elements ” in , The identity credentials and contact information of users usually come from authorities such as government and operators , When a user is associated with a business scenario , They don't need to provide all the plaintext information , Only some verifiable credentials need to be selectively disclosed , In place of plaintext .

Based on the distributed verification mechanism, we can realize multi scenario self-examination , Prove your legal identity , At this time, even if the service provider does not obtain more plaintext data , But you can't refuse service . This reduces or even eliminates the risk of disclosure of users' key privacy from the root .

secondly , On the business side , You can still use things like federal learning 、 Secure multi-party computing technology , Authorized to the user 、 Process the business data collected by compliance .

On the premise of users' informed consent , stay B The end implements collaborative computing with partners , Data is not outbound , Privacy is not disclosed , But to achieve such as risk control 、 marketing 、 Advertising and other matters of great value to business operation . Finally realize the improvement of business effect , While bringing benefits to the business side , It also provides users with better services , Or return on equity . The whole value system is closed-loop , Compliant , Sustainable .

For example, Internet of things and blockchain , At the acquisition end , You need to assign an identity and identity to the device , At the same time, the algorithm should identify , Leak proof ; On user side , Not only to provide personalized services , But also to prevent unnecessary portraits , While verifying the user's identity and qualification , You can't track the user's behavior for no reason ; Final , In providing quality service 、 When securely storing user data , And respect the wishes of users , Including requirements for logout and exit .

 Why is it an inevitable trend for blockchain to integrate privacy Computing ?

So “ Double cycle system ”, It may be more than technical requirements for equipment 、APP、 Iterative refactoring of background services , At the same time, its business model 、 There may also be many innovations in the concept of operation and governance . The whole chain will be very long , There is also a lot of work to be done , Overlay chip 、 Hardware 、 The Internet 、 Software 、 Vast industrial chains such as cloud platforms .

For now , No one “ try to do everything all by oneself ” A single technology , You can meet “ Full link ”、“ Double cycle ” The requirements of . Then we might as well break down the scene a little , List more comprehensively , Combine some technologies and solutions , First solve the pain point problem in a scene .

 Why is it an inevitable trend for blockchain to integrate privacy Computing ?

in fact , When we communicate with many industrial application developers , They prefer to focus on specific issues 、 The immediate problem , Get targeted 、 Solutions that can be implemented , For example, the amount hidden during transfer 、 Do not disclose the score when ranking 、 Don't reveal your identity when voting 、KYC Do not disclose video during the process, etc .

Problems in specific scenarios can often be based on an algorithm of privacy computing or a combination of some algorithms , To deal with . We can arch a pawn every day , Solve one scenario after another , Make up for what might have been wrong before , Introduce new technologies and ideas for predictable rigid requirements , Innovatively achieve . This will gradually tie up the fence of data security , Finally build a great wall of data security .

Privacy computing calls for interoperability

In distributed collaboration , Many scenarios are inter agency 、 Cross network , Whether it's blockchain or privacy Computing , Will meet with other partners 、 Requirements for interworking of other platforms . We see that the relevant working groups of the Institute are discussing a number of interconnection specifications , The core framework is to do “ Node interworking ”、“ Resource exchange ”、“ Algorithm interworking ”.

 Why is it an inevitable trend for blockchain to integrate privacy Computing ?

Node interworking requires that basic elements such as network and protocol can interweave . Resource interworking emphasizes the release and storage of resources 、 Addressing uses 、 Governance audit ( Including delete data 、 Offline service, etc ), On this level , We all achieve a relatively consistent view , Provide a common interface . The interworking of algorithms is very detailed and scene oriented , Each algorithm has its own characteristics , Its cryptographic basis 、 Operational rules 、 The collaboration process will be different , In turn, the management qualification of resources and the topology of node network , Will put forward more requirements .

On the basis of interworking, there are “ Self consistency ”、“ Security ”、“ correctness ” Other requirements , And with the development of the field , Continuously add more functions “ Extensibility ” And very important . Before , Maybe everyone is working hard , Accumulate technology and experience , Later, when landing , You need to pay more attention to interfaces and specifications , Open mind , Let's communicate and build together , Seek consensus and win-win results through open source .

Thoughts and Prospects on the development of privacy Computing

 Why is it an inevitable trend for blockchain to integrate privacy Computing ?

To sum up , Some thoughts on the development of privacy Computing :

First of all , Integration of blockchain and privacy computing , First of all, we should pay attention to C End 、B End 、G End body , Be short of one cannot . This “ Focus on ”, All processes that should run through the data lifecycle , If you just focus on the convenience of using data , There is no penetration data upstream and downstream , The experience and benefits of the client may be ignored .

second , Don't expect to solve all the problems at once , But focus on the scene , Focus on pain points and difficulties , Gradually 、 Steadily build a perfect privacy protection system .

Third , Realize standardization and popularization , To promote the large-scale implementation of new technologies and new ideas . For example, relevant industry standards 、 Evaluation system , This will help practitioners clarify their development path 、 Meeting industry requirements is of great benefit .

what's more , Let the industry 、 Public acceptance of new technologies , We should pay more attention to the feelings of different audiences , Jump out of “ The enclosure sprouts itself ”、“ Self talk ” The mode of thinking , Actively go to science popularization , Expand the whole society's understanding of blockchain and privacy Computing , Meet the personalized needs of all kinds of people for innovative models . such as , Operators will be more concerned about the use and maintenance costs ; Product managers will focus on whether they can accurately solve business and product problems ; And even without in-depth study “ Black science and technology ” Application developers of , I also hope to use packaged tools 、 Development kit 、 Cloud platform, etc , To achieve security 、 privacy 、 compliance 、 Experience good business . Final , When paying attention to the protection of privacy products are extremely rich , At the same time, the majority of users do not need to pay more use costs , And have a good experience , When you can use the business at ease , They really accept the model of private Computing .

Blockchain has developed for so many years , Apart from the technology itself , In fact, the hardest thing is “ How to explain what a blockchain is ”. I hope in the promotion of science popularization , The burgeoning privacy computing can have more new ideas , Achieve better results .

 Why is it an inevitable trend for blockchain to integrate privacy Computing ?

Review the boom in blockchain and privacy computing , We see that industry and society are calling for data security and privacy protection , There are already a lot of research results available in the industry , Got some recognition . Looking forward to the visible future , We will be more open 、 Pragmatic , Focus on users and scenes , Explore the normative 、 On a large scale 、 The road to sustainable application .

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