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Kusama is about to enter the second round of auction. How far is Polkadot's auction?

2021-08-24 21:40:22 Polkadot Ecological Research Institute

 Poca Polkadot The official is releasing Kusama After the network performance report and the first batch of parallel chain slot auction overview report , Announced again Kusama The second round of parallel chain slot auction time and Polkadot Problems to be solved before starting parallel chain !PolkaWorld Also from an objective point of view , Estimated Polkadot Parallel chain slot auction time !

Kusama Schedule of the second round of auction

Web3 The foundation has released... Two days ago Kusama And the current 6 The performance and stability of parallel chains are reported . On the whole , Parallel chain block production 、 Approval and finalization are generally stable , Occasionally, there will be a temporary pause in the finalization of the block . But this problem will not affect the next Kusama Second round auction , because Kusama The Internet itself is looking forward to chaos ! But these problems are under investigation , Will be in the next 5 Time Kusama After the auction 、Polkadot Propose a solution before the auction . Based on this ,Parity The next batch of suggestions on the arrangement of parallel chain auctions were released :

  • The first 6 The second parallel chain slot auction will be held in... China time 9 month 1 On Tuesday night 20:00 Start , You can now 9 month 1 Unlock in advance one week before the day KSM
  • The second round of auction will last 5 Zhou , Co auction 5 Time
  • The same way as the first five auctions ,6 - 10 The auction is still from 2 The initial bidding period of days begins , And then there was 5 The end of the day

After the auction , The auction will still be suspended first to observe the network performance , Then open the third round of auction, but the specific time to start the auction , It also needs to be Kusama The Council's vote to decide .


Polkadot When is the auction ?

Kusama Our goal has always been to become a supporter Polkadot The chaotic testing ground of Technology . In the spirit of chaos , Boca's functions are launched first Kusama, And then in Polkadot Publish on . Codes and incentives must be satisfactorily verified in the real environment of value bearing , To log in Polkadot!

Because the real environment has a lot of uncertainty , So even in Kusama On ,Parity Every suggestion to start parallel chains is very cautious , But this experience will be Polkadot The fast and smooth start of parallel chains paves the way .Kusama The more stress tests you have ,Polkadot The faster you push out the parallel chain 、 The easier .

Parity Build a minimum feasible product with complete functions (MVP) Parallel chain software , It includes for parallel chain block packaging 、 Protocol for data availability and security . At present, two of the four agreements have been reviewed , The other two are still under review . therefore ,Parity Suggest , Should be completed after the audit 、 All the problems found have been solved and Kusama After there are no problems related to parallel chain consensus , And then Polkadot Start up the parallel chain !

Although the official does not specify the online time of the parallel chain in Boca , But we can according to Lease Time and DOT Make a budget for the unlocking time ! If you start from Boca Genesis , At present, we have reached the... Th 5 individual Lease At the end of , Now enter the second 6 individual Lease. Every Lease yes 3 months , If from the first 6 individual Lease Start the auction , Means , Now there are at most 7 The week begins Polkadot The auction of , Because if a one-time auction 5 If you want to ,3 Months Lease Internal needs 5 Weeks to complete the auction process . Let's add DOT 28 God 4 Week unlock time , So if you start from 6 individual Lease Start the auction ,Polkadot There are three weeks at most ( 9 month 10 Around the th ) Announce auction arrangements , And in 7 Weeks later 10 month 8 The first auction of Boca began around the th !

But if you don't Lease 6 Start the auction , from Lease 7 (11 month 21 Day or so ) If the auction starts , There are two situations , One situation is that it is possible to 11 month 20 Any time before the auction , It mainly depends on when to fix the problems mentioned above , The time of this situation is hard to estimate ! There is also a situation where Lease 7 At the end 5 Pre week auction , At the latest 2022 year 1 month 9 recently .

So to summarize :

If all goes well , The fastest is 10 month 8 The auction starts around the th ;

If the consensus problem is not solved , It may be postponed to 10 month 8 Japan - 11 month 21 Japan Between ;

If there are really extremely important and difficult problems , That could be 11 month 21 Japan - 1 month 9 Any time of the day ( Personally, I think this probability is very small , After all Kusama The second round of auction has begun , The report also shows stable operation , No big problem )

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