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Qucoin morning post | Ibox issued classic traditional Chinese painting, which was sold out immediately after NFT went online

2021-08-24 18:22:26 Fun coin


▌iBox Issue classic Chinese paintings NFT, Sold out when it goes online

According to the iBox Official news ,iBox Joint soyun technology to release the works of ten famous contemporary painters . The works released this time are rongbaozhai limited quality calligraphy and painting works series , Containing Qi Baishi 、 Zhang Daqian 、 Fu Baoshi 、 Li Keran 、 Classic works of Pan Tianshou and other famous contemporary painters , Phase II goes online, Fu Baoshi 《 Wait for a detailed picture of rivers and mountains 》, go online 1 It's sold out in minutes . iBox It is a digital collection e-commerce platform based on wechat , It is also the largest digital collection distribution platform in China , It has successfully released the first star in China NFT、 First movie NFT、 First Godfather music NFT, Two consecutive blind boxes were sold out when they went online . Released by the platform “ Xu BINGTIAN Book No ” The digital collection has set the highest unit price in China .

The market

By the end of time , According to the Huobi global data display :

BTC Recent transaction price 49277.84 dollar , Day up and down +1.14%;

ETH Recent transaction price 3284.72 dollar , Day up and down +0.03%;

BCH Recent transaction price 694.72 dollar , Day up and down +2.07%;

BSV Recent transaction price 170.87 dollar , Day up and down +3.46%;

EOS Recent transaction price 5.46 dollar , Day up and down +1.05%;

LTC Recent transaction price 183.43 dollar , Day up and down +0.36%;

DOT Recent transaction price 28.13 element , Day up and down +0.41%.


▌ hebei : Explore, promote and support the layout of blockchains in the province

8 month 20 Daily news , Issued by Hebei Provincial Communications Administration 《 Information and communication industry in Hebei Province “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” development planning 》,《 planning 》 Proposed to Explore the layout of new technology infrastructure construction . Explore, promote and support the layout of blockchains in the province . Support the cultivation of blockchain industry , Promoting blockchain and artificial intelligence 、 big data 、 Deep integration of Internet of things .

▌ Chengdu : Focus on computing services 、 Blockchain and other future tracks Competition upgraded to industrial functional zone

8 month 20 Daily news ,“ Highlight innovation drive, strengthen functional support, and lead the high-quality development of industrial functional areas with industrial ecosystem ” press conference 19 Held in Chengdu on April . At the meeting , Chengdu officially released 12 An industrial ecosystem and 66 List of industrial functional areas after optimization and adjustment . Focus on the future of subdivided areas “ Expose the list and become a commander ” Industrial functional areas and industrial communities , Chengdu focuses on future science and technology 、 Future medicine 、 Industrial robot 、 industrial design 、 Hydrogen energy 、 Digital cultural creation 、 Medical beauty and other subdivided fields ,“ Expose the list and become a commander ” A number of industrial functional areas . Focus on the Internet of things 、 Industrial Internet 、 Quantum technology 、 Computing services 、 Blockchain 、 Inspection and testing 、 Central legal affairs and other future courses ,“ Expose the list and become a commander ” A number of industrial communities carry and incubate , Wait for industry maturity 、 The size of the market 、 After the cultivation and expansion of foreign influence , Competition upgraded to industrial functional zone .

Blockchain application

▌ Guangdong stock exchange : The blockchain is connected with the supervision chain of the CSRC The information on the chain covers 9 Category content

8 month 20 Japan , Guangdong equity trading center ( hereinafter referred to as “ Guangdong stock exchange ”) host “ Guangdong regional equity market business chain landing and technology docking of supervision chain ” Online press conference . Guangdong stock exchange broke through the original deposit certificate 、 E-contract uplink application scenario , Successfully set up Guangdong regional equity market business alliance chain , Realize technical docking with the regulatory chain of the CSRC , And realize the chaining of all business data . at present , Guangdong stock exchange has applied for blockchain related research and landing system 3 Software copyright 《 Guangdong stock exchange blockchain contract system 》、《 Guangdong stock exchange blockchain supervision system 》 And 《 Artificial intelligence analysis system for portrait of Guangdong stock exchange enterprises 》, Continuously enhance the strength of financial science and Technology .

▌ Digital RMB App Bank that can recharge digital RMB Wallet 35 home

8 month 20 Daily news , at present , In digital RMB App As many as... Banks in China can recharge digital RMB wallets 35 home , Covering the joint-stock system 、 City Commercial Banks and some rural credit cooperatives and rural commercial banks . In addition to the six state-owned banks , It also includes CITIC 、 Everbright 、 CMB 、 PUFA 、 The people's livelihood 、 Safety 、 Guangfa, Zheshang and other joint-stock banks , And Beijing 、 Shanghai 、 jiangsu 、 nanjing 、 Suzhou 、 Hangzhou 、 Huarong Xiangjiang River 、 Changsha 、 Chongqing 、 Luzhou 、 Xi'an 、 ningbo 、 Qingdao and other banks . Besides , Hebei Rural Credit 、 Suzhou agricultural firm 、 Jiangsu Nongxin 、 Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank 、 Sichuan rural credit and Shenzhen rural commercial bank are among them .8 month 13 Japan , City bank clearing 、 At the same time, ABC liquidation announced “ One point access ” The digital RMB system was successfully launched , This week, the first batch of pilot financial institutions are all listed in . This week, , Bank of Shanghai 、 Bank of Jiangsu 、 Bank of Hangzhou 、 Bank of Ningbo 、 Luzhou bank 、 Bank of Chongqing 、 Bank of Qingdao 、 Bank of Xi'an 、 Bank of Changsha 、 The first batch of pilot city commercial banks such as Huarong Xiangjiang bank have completed the access and online . ABC clearing also assists 7 Member unit Hebei rural credit 、 Jiangsu Nongxin 、 Sichuan Rural Credit 、 Shenzhen Agricultural commercial firm 、 Suzhou Rural Commercial Bank 、 Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank and Bank of Suzhou have successfully accessed the digital RMB system .

changde : Build a blockchain pilot city

8 month 20 news , The network security and informatization Committee of Changde Municipal Party committee held its third meeting yesterday , The meeting stressed , Seize the opportunity of digital economy development , Give full play to informatization “ Empowerment and efficiency increase ” effect , We will unswervingly expand and strengthen the information industry , Build Changde into a blockchain pilot city .


NFT platform complete 790 US $10000 seed round financing

NFT platform complete 790 US $10000 seed round financing ,Paradigm Lead investment ,Robot Ventures、Divergence Ventures、Flamingo DAO、Variant Fund and Delphi Ventures Wait for the vote . The fund will be used to expand the development team , Especially in the field of smart contract and front-end development , And expand the business department and internal legal department . The core of the project is a part called (fractional)NFT The concept of .

Messi's first exclusive NFT The Messi universe series will be launched in Beijing time 8 month 21 Day sale

Argentina star Lionel Messi's first exclusive NFT Series Messi universe (The Messiverse) Will be in Beijing time 8 month 21 Rizai blockchain platform Ethernity Chain On sale , This is by the digital designer BossLogic Encryption art created using Messi's image , share 4 Works , The price is 50-10000 Dollar inequality .BossLogic Previously worked with marvel and Disney . Messi is depicted in his works as a king 、 Superheroes and Greek giants , Named as 《 People from the future 》《 It's an important task 》 and 《 The king 》 etc. .

Deloitte survey :78% Respondents believe that 2 Digital assets will be important in years

Deloitte, one of the four largest accounting firms (Deloitte) Released a report focusing on digital assets 《2021 Blockchain survey 》,78% Respondents believe that 2 Years later, digital assets are important or very important to their industry .76% Think digital money will be in 5-10 Become a powerful substitute for fiat money during the year .60% Respondents believe that regulation is the main obstacle , Cyber security and privacy issues followed .81% People said that blockchain technology has extensive scalability , And has achieved mainstream adoption . About what significant impact digital assets will have , More mentioned include improving payment efficiency and transparency 、 Improve compliance 、 Enhance trust 、 Improve financing sources, etc . The first two digital asset uses are custody and new payment channels , Then portfolio diversification 、 Asset tokenization and DeFi platform . Security information exchange is listed as the most important cross industry blockchain use , Digital currency ranks second . The investigation was conducted in 4 End of month 5 At the beginning of , share 1280 Ginseng and ,320 People come from financial services , among 70 People are pioneers in deploying blockchains . About a third come from Asia , More than a third come from the United States ,22% From Europe , The rest are from South America 、 Africa and the Middle East .

President of the Brazilian Central Bank : Regulators need to pay better attention to investors' demand for cryptocurrency

8 month 20 Daily news , President of the Brazilian Central Bank Roberto Campos Neto Said at an event organized by the Inter American Commission on Thursday , Regulators need to pay better attention to investors' demand for cryptocurrency , Because cryptocurrency won't disappear , It will coexist with the instant payment platform . He said :” This is because people need to be very fast 、 Open 、 Secure and transparent payment methods .”Campos Neto Said the central bank is talking to the securities and Exchange Commission , To accommodate cryptocurrency and Pix And other platforms .Pix It is the real-time payment platform launched by the Central Bank of Brazil , Have more than 9600 Million users ,8 At the beginning of the month, it set a record in one day 4000 Record of 10000 transactions .Campos Neto It also indicates that the decision-makers are worried , Because more growth in cryptocurrencies is focused on investment vehicles , Not a general payment system . He said : We need to pay attention to this . Financial markets have changed so much , Everything becomes data . We need to reshape the regulatory world .

▌KAKA The chain hybrid blind box will be in Binance NFT go online

According to the KAKA NFT WORLD Official news of the meta universe platform ,KAKA Will be in 8 month 25 Japan 19:00(UTC+8) go online Binance NFT plate , sale KAKA Chain hybrid blind box . This new blind box contains four different grades NFT, Include KAKA-Rabbit、KAKA SGF、KAKA China as well as KAKA Troland Pack. except KAKA-Rabbit NFT Outside , all NFT All cards will support KAKA official 8 Discount and repurchase function and two open play .

Boxer Tyson is OpenSea Publish on NFT Collectibles and open auctions

8 month 20 Daily news , Champion Mike · Tyson (Mike Tyson) stay NFT platform OpenSea A series of NFT collection .55 Tyson and digital artist Cory Van Lew cooperation , Launched “ mike · Tyson NFT collection ”(Mike Tyson NFT Collection), These include 11 The only piece for auction NFT, as well as 6 Piece open NFT, Everything NFT Quantity in 50 to 250 Unequal . The collection was released earlier today ,NFT The neon color depicts the landmark moments in Tyson's career , If you knock down your opponent 、 Win the championship and “ Bite the ear ” event . As of press time, there are three unique NFT, The highest bid is 5 ETH, Value contract 16000 dollar . But because the auction is coming 8 month 24 It's the end of the day , Prices may rise rapidly . Tyson also tweeted ,“ Immediate purchase ” edition NFT Sold out within an hour of Launch . It is reported that , This is Tyson United 1 Of One The first official series released by the studio NFT.

tencent NFT Trading platform magic core phase II NFT It sold out instantly

8 month 20 Japan , tencent NFT Trading platform magic core phase II NFT Snapped up at 15 When the robbery officially started , Sold out in a flash . according to the understanding of , This rush to buy T Wanhua mirror series NFT It is the impression animation work of 56 Chinese nationalities created by young artist Zhou Fangyuan , The whole work is like a distant and deep painting of Chinese national culture .

NFT Reload game project Dress Show Announced the completion of million dollar financing

According to the official news ,NFT At present, the seed round financing plan has been completed for the reload game project , Investment institution YGG Ventures And Sequoia Vietnam Venture Participate in leading investment , The total investment amount has exceeded one million dollars . It is reported that ,Dress Show The project is committed to becoming a chain tour +NFT An important link in the process of Globalization , Designed to connect with... Through basic costume games NFT To merge .

NFT platform Vera complete 300 US $10000 seed round financing ,Animoca Brands Lead investment

8 month 21 Daily news ,NFT platform Vera complete 300 US $10000 seed round financing ,Animoca Brands Lead investment . Other venture capital and private equity investors include OKEx Block Dream Fund、Genesis Block Ventures、Krypital Group、Shima Capital、SL2 Capital、Mozaik Capital, Sentor Investments, and Sandbar Investments. The Silicon Valley start-up plans to use the money for product development 、 Protect and audit their smart contracts , And extend its ecosystem to several upcoming major NFT Game and meta Festival ecosystem .

Fans can use Wright coins to buy Dallas Mavericks goods

8 month 20 Daily news , According to the owner of the Dallas lone Rangers 、 Billionaire Mark Cuban , Supporters of professional basketball organizations can now use Wright coins (LTC) Make online store purchases . Kuban is a supporter of several encryption projects , His team has been an early adopter of digital assets . As of this year 3 month , The Dallas Mavericks have supported the use of bitcoin 、 Bitcoin cash 、 The etheric fang 、 Dollar coins 、Gemini Dollar、Paxos Standard、Binance USD And dog money .

Encryption company Lemon For the e-sports team Hawks Provide BTC and ETH Prize

Argentine companies that provide cryptocurrency Services Lemon And Hawks E-sports team cooperation , by Hawks Organized competitions provide bitcoin (BTC) And etheric fang (ETH) The prize for ,Lemon The company will also display its logo on the team's shirt .

SupreNFT And AET Co launch Richard Miller NFT The limited edition will be in coin an NFT First auction

According to the official news ,8 month 21 Japan , German premium watch modification brand AET REMOULD Hand in hand SupreNFT Introduction “ Time machine ” Theme modification RM011, And as wearable NFT Works of art in BINANCE NFT The auction . AET Inspired by time travel , Combined with Picasso's colorful colors , Launch the first limited edition modified Richard Miller RM011. The seller photographed will have luxury watches and corresponding wearable watches at the same time NFT The ownership of the .

Important economic trends

Us blockchain concept stocks rose sharply across the board

Qucoin reported , US stocks closed today , Us blockchain concept stocks rose sharply across the board . Kodak closed higher 2.08%, Accenture closed higher 1.37%, Closing up 3.3%,Riot Blockchain Closing up 7.01%,Marathon Patent Closing up 10.85%,Square Closing up 2.21%

Fun coin encyclopedia

except Chainlink What other Oracle projects

In the blockchain system , In addition to being able to record data on the chain , It can also complete some operations through smart contracts . for example , Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Rely on the blockchain system for cryptocurrency transactions and loans , As an important mechanism to obtain data from the outside , It's maintenance DeFi An essential part of normal operation .

except Chainlink, There are other common Oracle machines Tellor、nest、Band Protocol.

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