As report goes , The Treasury is trying to clarify the definition of broker in the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed in the Senate last week , And carefully ensure that the new legislation will not affect the innovation and growth of the blockchain industry .

Bloomberg reports , The Treasury Department is preparing guidelines on what types of encryption companies will need to comply with the new IRS reporting requirements . The report points out that ," agent " The definition of may be narrowed from many people's concerns, including protocol developers and wallet providers currently operating in the cryptocurrency industry .

As report goes , A Treasury official told Bloomberg , developers 、 Miners and wallet providers will not be bound by the new reporting requirements , As long as they don't act as agents .Christopher Condon and Laura Davidson In writing :" Treasury guidelines do not grant comprehensive exemptions based on the identity of the company , Instead, it focuses on whether a company's activities meet the broker qualification stipulated in the tax law ."

At the time of writing , The US Treasury has not publicly confirmed whether these plans are true .

just as Cointelegraph As reported , President Biden's infrastructure bill was passed in the U. S. Senate last week , But there was no much-needed clarification of cryptocurrency companies . Republican Senator of Pennsylvania Pat Toomey Express , The bill “ Imposed a serious flaw 、 Cryptocurrency tax reporting provisions that cannot be implemented in some cases , Technological innovation that threatens the future .”

Toomey With colleagues from both parties Ron Wyden and Cynthia Lummis An amendment was proposed , Exclude agreement developers from tax reporting requirements . Maybe for political reasons , The amendment failed to be included in the bill voted by the Senate last week 2700 In the infrastructure act on page .

The bill must be approved by the house of Representatives before it becomes law . Although the timing of the House vote is unclear , But at least 9 A Democrat has warned the speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, Before the infrastructure agreement is passed , They won't vote for the budget resolution .

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