The 9th China ⼩ Enterprise investment and financing fair and ⾦ Financial Trade Fair ( hereinafter referred to as 「 Investment and financing 」) Will be in 2021  year  9 ⽉ 10 ⽇ - 9 ⽉ 12 ⽇ At the national conference in Beijing ⼼ host . Investment and financing will create ⽴ On 2013 year , Every year, ⼀ the , It has been successfully held 8 the , Moreover, the new policy interpretation of each investment and financing Commission has produced constructive guiding significance for financial institutions and small and medium-sized enterprises .

The 9th CIFIT is China's ⼩ Enterprise Association and Bank of China ⾏ Industry Association 、 Co sponsored by China Futures Association and other associations , With 「 Improve digital inclusion ⾦ Fusion energy ⼒, Precision drip irrigation ⼩ Micro enterprise 」 The theme of , set up ⽴ silver ⾏⾦ Financial institutions exhibition area 、⾦ Financial technology exhibition area 、 Blockchain exhibition area and other sections , Focus on silver ⾏ etc. ⾦ Financial institutions give full play to ⼤ data 、 Cloud computing 、⼈⼯ intelligence 、 Blockchain and other technological advantages , In the building ⼩ Enterprises ⾦ Financial services new ⽣ state 、 New scene . The outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia accelerated ⾦ Integrate the pace of digital transformation , various ⾦ Financial institutions are raising ⾼ on-line ⾦ Financial service efficiency 、 Optimize and enrich 「⾮ Contact service 」 channel ⽅⾯ Make effective progress ,⾦ Integrating scientific and technological achievements ⻬ discharge , The investment and financing Association will organize ⼀ batch ⾦ Financial technology company participated in , Form on-site communication and docking , Promote each ⾦ Financial institutions improve service efficiency .

General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that , The application of blockchain technology has been extended to many fields , To make blockchain technology play a greater role . Blockchain technology can promote data sharing 、 Optimize business processes 、 Enhance collaborative efficiency 、 Advantages in building a credible system .

8 month 3 Japan ,《 Implementation plan of Beijing Municipality on accelerating the construction of a benchmark city of global digital economy 》 The notice also states that , To lay out the blockchain ahead , High performance around blockchain 、 Security 、 Privacy protection 、 Scalability and other directions , Accelerate the consensus mechanism 、 Distributed storage 、 Cross Chain Protocol 、 Technological breakthroughs such as smart contracts , Breakthrough in key technologies to achieve large-scale blockchain algorithm performance , And activate large-scale data element assets through aggregation , Take the lead in building urban infrastructure with native data , Focus on building an open and interconnected international data hub to build a world leading new digital economy system .

In response to general secretary Xi Jinping's call for vigorously developing block chain technology , The 9th CIFIT will also hold the China blockchain industry summit at the same time .2021 China blockchain Industry Summit and blockchain ecological exhibition are hosted by China Association of small and medium-sized enterprises ,7 O'Clock Capital undertake , We will fully focus on the implementation of blockchain , Explore the market opportunities of small and medium-sized enterprises .

The blockchain industry summit also invited the blockchain Laboratory of Institute of software, Chinese Academy of Sciences 、 Tsinghua University x-lab Blockchain Lab 、 The blockchain research center of Harbin University of technology and Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications are professional academic guidance units .

The blockchain professional committee attended the summit 、 People's Bank of China 、 China Banking Association 、 China International Finance Co., Ltd 、 sinopec 、 Societe generale 、 Chinese Academy of Engineering 、 Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank 、 Ministry of ecological environment 、 China National Climate Change Expert Committee , And dozens of blockchain financial innovation institutions .

The guests attending the blockchain industry summit are Professor Zhu Jiaming, chairman of the academic and Technical Committee of the Chinese assets research institute 、 Zheng Weimin, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering 、 Academician Shen Changxiang 、 Academician Wu Hequan 、 Academician Deng Xiaotie 、 Professor Li Guoquan 、 Wei Kai, deputy director of cloud computing and big data Research Institute of China Academy of information and communications 、 Tan min, Secretary General of blockchain service network development alliance 、SmartMesh Wang Qiheng, chairman of the foundation 、 Mo Xiaokang, director of blockchain and privacy computing research center of Beijing big data research institute 、 Ma Zhaofeng, President of China blockchain Alliance Innovation Research Institute 、 Yuan Yong, chairman of blockchain special committee of China automation society, etc .

The summit will be divided into six thematic forums for blockchain policy analysis , It also discusses the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the application of blockchain technology . The six theme forums focus on blockchain government affairs and enterprise services 、Web3.0 And the value of the Internet 、 Digital finance 、 Privacy computing and distributed storage 、NFT And the primordial universe 、 Further discussion on six directions of double carbon and green finance . A panoramic view of the ecological landing of China's blockchain , Gather the wisdom and experience of industry leaders , Empowering SMEs .

In view of the current financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises 、 Financing is expensive 、 Weak anti risk ability 、 Offline operation faces disadvantages and other problems , Blockchain has been proved to have practical solutions through some practices . Through this discussion , The latest policies of blockchain will collide with the current industry innovation and development model , Jointly look for opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises to embrace the digital financial economy in the new era . meanwhile , Through the demonstration of blockchain construction achievements made by various financial institutions and enterprises , It will also have guiding significance for small and medium-sized enterprises to form a grand scene of blockchain development in many fields in the future . Coupled with national policy support ,5G The development of , Many small and medium-sized enterprises in China will undergo digital transformation , Implement data sharing , Improve work efficiency , It will inject new impetus into the innovative development of China's digital economy and Finance .

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