2021 year 8 month 16 Japan ,Cointelegraph chinese News Platform APP( following “Cointelegraph chinese ” abbreviation “CT chinese ”) Announce the official launch of , In order to CT Chinese users 24 Check the major news and developments in the blockchain field within hours , And enable users to efficiently obtain industry-related information in a variety of fragmented time and occasions .

Cointelegraph chinese News Platform APP It is a blockchain industry real-time news that focuses on providing domestic users , Software that facilitates users to timely obtain first-hand blockchain information at home and abroad .

In order to give users a good use experience and meet their use needs ,CT Chinese has been accurately positioned and developed , Continuous enrichment APP Content and optimized design .News Platform After more than a year , Finally completed the development and launched new .

stay News Platform in ,CT The content of blockchain industry has been labeled and refined in Chinese , At the same time, it also continues to improve the content and expand the coverage of news categories .

News Platform What are the amazing features ?

New online Cointelegraph chinese News Platform First of all, it gives people a new feeling visually , The visual effect has been greatly improved , It also allows users to get rich content in the shortest time .

News Platform Added on the home page , In the beginning “ information ” On the basis of , Added “ project ” and “ special column ”, Users can reach the content they need to query faster .

It is worth mentioning that ,CT Welcome all major media 、 Project side 、 Institutions 、KOL、 We media apply to open CT Chinese column .

“ special column ” After opening , Authors can self publish content , High quality content will be recommended on the home page . and ,CT Chinese will optimize the ranking of columnists from time to time , The higher quality content providers will get more brand exposure , More opportunities to reach users .

About “ special column ” More information about opening ,CT Chinese will be on the official website later 、 The official account of WeChat and News Platform Update the latest information in time .

Besides ,News Platform Extremely meticulous , Because of the number of readers 、 User preferences for scenarios and content , Increase the number of readings for each article , It is convenient for readers to quickly find important information of interest .


News Platform The focus of development is from the perspective of user experience , Optimize the use experience . Therefore, this version also has many practical small functions , Let's experience it : 

Banner Roll show

  The latest news 、 interview 、 Point of view 、 In-depth analysis of 、 Market analysis 、 Reprint , Massive content at a glance .


Fuzzy search

  There is no need to enter the full search content , Enter keywords to quickly locate relevant content .


The calendar

 CT Chinese online 、 Offline activities , Get relevant information in advance .


One click login between mobile phone and wechat

When a new user logs in, he or she registers ; Not started by logged in user APP when , When it is detected that the conditions for mobile phone one click login are met , You can log in directly ; You can also log in through wechat with one click , Then bind the mobile phone number .

Log in to the apple store



in general , The new version goes online Cointelegraph chinese News Platform, Improve the user experience with detailed planning and design , Give Way APP It's easier to use 、 More practical 、 More comfortable .

future ,Cointelegraph chinese News Platform Will continue to optimize and upgrade , Continuous innovation , Keep going online with new features , Let all CT Chinese user experience is smoother 、 It is more convenient to obtain important industry information 、 Fast .


We sincerely invite you to download and experience , Focus on the global blockchain market dynamics .