Music sharing agreement Audius Become and TikTok One of the first streaming media platforms , Allow users to share songs directly to this popular app .

In a statement on Monday ,Audius Express , It has been associated with TikTok Achieve cooperation , Created an item called “TikTok Sounds” New functions . according to 《 Rolling Stones 》 The magazine is right Audius Co founder and chief product Officer Forrest Browning In the interview , To simplify the process , This integration will allow users to export songs created using the protocol to TikTok.

although Audius claim , It seeks to use blockchain technology to reward content creators , And improve the transparency of payment to artists , But with TikTok The integration of seems to be more about music , Instead of pushing information about cryptocurrencies or decentralized Finance .Browning Express , about 95% Of Audius user “ I don't even know that blockchain is involved .”

With nearly a billion months of active users TikTok stay 7 Monthly report , Its 75% American users discover new artists through the app . stay 10 After launch in January ,Audius There are now about 500 Million monthly active users , Many of its governance tokens are distributed to creators based on the amount of traffic generated .TikTok At present, users are not allowed to get performance royalties from streaming music , Instead, it provides an opportunity to interact with fans .

in consideration of TikTok This year, 7 In June, it decided to ban the promotion content based on cryptocurrency , as well as “ Promotion of all financial services and products ”, This integration is somewhat surprising . Many users are from TikTok In the video released last year, I learned about the meme based cryptocurrency Dog Coin .

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