Australian cryptocurrency influencer 、Nuggets News founder Alex Saunders Due to the sale of non homogenous tokens at the end of last year (NFT) And face strong criticism .

Nuggets News By Saunders stay 2017 A payment group founded in , Provide users with technical analysis and encryption skills . By 8 month 17 Japan ,Nuggets News stay YouTube There's about 14.6 Ten thousand subscribers .

2020 year 11 month ,Saunders Cast 100 One with token tickets NFT, He said , The holder can enter the exclusive Nuggets News Community headquarters , The headquarters is developing a virtual meta universe based on cryptocurrency Decentraland In the development .

Saunders For each NFT Pricing for 1 ETH, Value at that time 570 About $ . As report goes ,Saunders Sold all the... In a few weeks NFT, A total of... Was raised from his supporters 5.7 Thousands of dollars . At today's price ,100 ETH Approximate value 31.5 Thousands of dollars .

stay Saunders Subscribe to the Facebook In a group post , The influential person touted the virtual headquarters as “ Education in virtual reality 、 Collaboration workspace ”, Equipped with “ Professional office ”, There is even a function center .

According to the Australian Financial Review (AFR) 8 month 16 Reported Wednesday ,Saunders So far, blockchain development studio has not been paid Polygonal Mind The cost of building a virtual headquarters .

Even though Saunders From his supporters 5.7 Thousands of dollars , But it is reported that ,Polygonal Mind The offer to this influencer is less than 1 Thousands of the Australian dollar (7300 dollar ), To complete the project .

Polygonal Mind CEO of Daniel Garcia claim , Although the virtual headquarters have been built ,Saunders The launch date of the project has been postponed many times . Learn from Saunders After a suspected financial accident ,Garcia tell AFR, He decided to give up the project :

“ When we learn Alex All these other questions , We have drawn a line with this project , Let it be the past . We don't want to have anything to do with this activity .”

Garcia say :“ I believe he could have made a lot of money by running this legitimate business , Why do these shady things ?”

An anonymous investor told AFR, It is considering the meta universe project for Saunders Take legal action . He also stressed the importance of NFT Design disappointment , This ensures that the 50% The secondary sales of will be Saunders Income pocket .

He said :“ therefore ,Alex Saunders Not only when I buy this NFT When I got my money , If I resell it , He can still get the price 50%.”

7 month 28 Japan ,Cointelegraph reports ,Saunders Friend, 、 Fans and colleagues made it public Saunders After the news that I owe them a lot of money ,Saunders Into controversy .

As report goes ,Saunders From the popular YouTube user Bitboy Crypto I borrowed... There 5 Bitcoin , From supporters Ziv Himmelfarb I borrowed... There 30 individual ETH. As report goes , He asked from the controversial HEX founder Richard Heart Borrow there 50 Bitcoin .Heart It's public Saunders Screenshot of private information requesting a loan .

Saunders He also publicized his... To his fans “Decentral Bank” Stable currency project , As report goes , since 4 Since the month , He raised... From his supporters 1100 Thousands of dollars . However , Investors claim that ,Saunders The transaction data of your wallet shows , The influencer will be Decentral Bank About... Of the funds raised 120 Ten thousand dollars were transferred to his personal wallet , Some of these funds were then sent to the crypto derivatives exchange FTX.

Saunders Try to get money from his community paying users .

I wonder if these people have a chance to recover the money ........ This is more than 8 Double digit fraud .

—— DeFi Ted (0xbakes) (@DeFi_Ted) 2021 year 7 month 22 Japan

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