The etheric fang 2.0 The pledge contract of blockchain is now the largest ETH Single holder .

According to the blockchain analysis provider Nansen The data of ,Eth2 The pledge contract has exceeded Wrapped Ethereum (wETH) Become the biggest ETH Single holder . And ETH Different ,wETH follow ERC-20 standard , Make it useful ERC-20 Token DeFi The most popular in the agreement ETH representative .

8 month 17 Japan , Blockchain analysis company Nansen CEO of Alex Svanevik Post these findings on twitter . data display , The deposit contract of the beacon chain holds 673 ten thousand ETH, At current prices, the value is about 215 Billion dollars .

Nansen Data show that , by comparison ,Wrapped Ethereum Contract holding 670 ten thousand ETH(214 Billion dollars ), The second is Qian an , hold 229 ten thousand ETH(73 Billion dollars ).

Let's see who's the biggest now ETH holder !

——Alex Svanevik(@ASvanevik) 2021 year 8 month 16 Japan

according to CoinMarketCap The data of , It's in Eth2 Upper ETH The quantity currently accounts for... Of Ethereum's circulation and supply 5.7%. according to The data of , at present Eth2 The Internet has 21 Ten thousand verifiers .

at present , It's in Eth2 Upper ETH Be locked , The upcoming chain merger at Ethereum will combine Ethereum with Eth2 Before the network merge , these ETH It cannot be proposed from the contract . at present , The chain merger is expected to take place in 2022 In the first half of .

according to Staking Rewards The data of , From the market value of the pledge ,Eth2 At present, it is the third largest equity Certification Network , Second only to Cardano Of 490 $and Solana Of 275 Billion dollars .

This news is in Ethereum Eth2 Released shortly after an important milestone in the road map , Ethereum network is 8 month 5 Successfully deployed its London upgrade .

London hard fork contains the much anticipated Ethereum improvement proposal 1559, The proposal introduces basic transaction costs .

according to Ultrasound.Money The data of , In more than ten days since the upgrade was launched in London , value 1.75 $ 54916 individual ETH Destroyed through transaction costs . At present 3.28 ETH/ At the destruction rate of minutes , If network activity is consistent , More than... May be destroyed every month 14 m ETH.

At the time of writing ,ETH Prices in the past 24 The hours fell back 3.3%, The transaction price is 3180 dollar .

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