After years of almost complete media silence , Dog money (DOGE) The foundation is about to return , To support core developers and projects that benefit this meme based cryptocurrency .

In a statement on Tuesday , The dog coin Foundation says , To support the dog coin community , And promote the future of the blockchain , It will rebuild itself . The foundation said , It will announce new projects in the coming weeks , Encourage the adoption and use of DOGE,“ Increase the use of dog coins at the grass-roots level ”.

The statement said :“ The foundation owns the dog coin trademark and Dog Coin logo , And will maintain them for the community . This will mean that the foundation can continue to protect the dog coin brand , And allow ( With very loose permission ) Use it for Dog Coin related expression packs 、 Projects and entertainment .—— We support you in this matter .”

According to the foundation , It hopes to get 3 Annual budget , Support its goals by joining team members . The project website will be co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin、Dogecoin cofounder Billy Markus and Dogecoin Core developers Max Keller Be listed as a member of the Advisory Committee . Besides , Tesla CEO 、DOGE Supporter Elon · Musk's interests seem to be determined by Neuralink CEO Jared Birchall representative .

The dog coin foundation was established in 2014 year , A few months ago , The founder of dog coin Jackson Palmer Announced the project on Twitter as a joke . The foundation is behind many charitable donations both inside and outside the encryption field . However , In some founders ——Ben Doernberg and Eric Nakagawa—— After leaving the original foundation , The organization remained largely silent .

Cointelegraph Markets Pro Data show that , Last week, DOGE The price of has gone up 19% above , As of the time of writing this article 0.32 dollar .

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