2021 year 8 month 18 Japan , One of the most popular exchanges for cryptocurrency enthusiasts Bybit Announce with E-sports team NAVI(“Natus Vincere”) Establish multi-year cooperative relationship , Expand synergies between the two fastest-growing industries .

This sponsorship will make Bybit Your name has come to prominence in the field of E-sports , This symbolic move brings closer the distance between the two creative communities that are redefining finance and sports . This sponsorship will not only see Bybit The sign of appears in NAVI On your uniform , Also included in charity activities 、 School and student programs and anti hate / Impact driven cooperation on anti bullying activities .

Bybit A series of activities have been prepared , To help NAVI My fans are 2021 Year of Bybit World Trade Series (WSOT) Test their competitive skills in the cryptocurrency trading competition .WSOT 2021 Your audience will see NAVI A familiar name in the top player team . The encryption community has been looking forward to this year's event , The total bonus of the event reached a record 750 Thousands of dollars .

The best combination of the two fields

NAVI Have 1840 Thousands of fans , stay YouTube The cumulative video views on are close to 6 100 million times , Monthly 1500 Thousands of fans . So is it 2020 One of the most watched E-sports teams in the world .

As NAVI Our exclusive cryptocurrency platform partner ,Bybit It will enjoy greater popularity in the field with the fastest growth of users in sports and games . In turn, ,Bybit I'm also glad to introduce the infinite possibilities that cryptocurrency may bring to the e-sports community .

The investment field and the professional game field have something in common —— Both E-sports enthusiasts and cryptocurrency enthusiasts are proficient in digital technology , Forward thinking , Be confident in their deal . These two industries have also shown the power of change in a short time .

In a short span of 3 years ,Bybit By virtue of coming from 200 Multiple markets 250 More than ten thousand registered users , Become one of the top exchanges in cryptocurrency trading . Its daily trading volume of bitcoin futures ranks second , The total volume of transactions in the first quarter of this year exceeded 1 Trillions of dollars . Under the guidance of senior Forex platforms and blockchain development pioneers ,Bybit Because it is retail 、 Institutional clients provide professional services 、 Intuitive and innovative online trading services and cloud mining experience stand out , It can provide reliability even in times of high market volatility .

Bybit Think all encryption enthusiasts have equal investment opportunities . This sponsorship will provide financial education resources for players seeking to diversify and invest in digital currencies .

As an emerging and rapidly developing industry , The encryption industry and e-sports industry are expected to change the rules of the game depicting the future of Finance and sports . According to the analysis company Newzoo expect , E-sports industry to 2021 The years will reach 10 Billion dollar scale , To 2024 The year is expected to usher in about 2 Million new players .

Because young users account for the majority , E-sports is predicted to be a “ It just goes up ” Industry , Just as cryptocurrency is looking for its way in the world's mainstream Portfolio . Many people in the e-sports community may be keen to embrace giving priority to numbers 、 Borderless and decentralized asset classes , And will benefit from the link with one of the best platforms to promote cryptocurrency .

Bybit The first E-sports investment company

Bybit CEO Ben Zhou Express :“ The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many established practices in human experience . Sports and finance have witnessed two new entrants —— E-sports and cryptocurrency —— The speed of mainstreaming has increased exponentially .”

He said :“ We are very happy to establish contact with the most iconic brands in the field of E-sports ,2020 year , It provides... For a global audience 8610 Ten thousand hours of exciting entertainment . As one of the fastest growing startups for encryption enthusiasts , We are very happy with NAVI signing , And expect to release the natural synergy between the encrypted community and E-sports athletes and creators .”

He added :“ Our common vision is true sportsmanship , And they all have the motivation to do their best in the game field . Whether you are in the innovative financial industry or the highly competitive e-sports industry , To be a good player , You need to work hard , Hone your skills , Develop strategies . That's why we are always looking for excellent partners ,”.

NAVI Chief Marketing Officer Alexander Pavlenko say :“ I believe this is bound to happen . Cryptocurrency and E-sports have a lot in common : They are all new 、 Fast growing 、 Interesting industries worthy of attention and learning . We will work hard through the cryptocurrency platform Bybit And our team to show the true value of digital communication to E-sports enthusiasts . We also want to show cryptocurrency enthusiasts the world of E-sports , Become their point of interest . We want to bring new games, change rules and attractive projects , Let E-sports become a better place for cooperation ,”

NAVI Have 12 Of a discipline or college 46 Famous player , since 2009 Since, a total of 247 Awards .

Game begins : More is coming

As a global platform loved by users all over the world ,Bybit There are more plans to further integrate with the international E-sports community .

Bybit Entering the field of E-sports for the first time echoes its global trend 、 The value of inclusiveness and innovation , It represents the common ideal of the cryptocurrency community .Bybit And NAVI Started the game season together , To start a wide range of integration and activities , Join in Monster Energy、ASUS、Puma and Logitech Global brands and other eSports supporters .

Bybit Will be in the coming WSOT 2021 Described in the NAVI player , Share its vision for the future of cryptocurrency with the global E-sports community , And will announce more information about other cooperation and sponsorship ,WSOT 2021 It has become the main game theme activity in the cryptocurrency community .

About Bybit

Bybit It was founded in 2018 year 3 The cryptocurrency exchange in June , Provide a professional platform for encryption traders , Here cryptocurrency traders can find super fast matching engines 、 Excellent customer service and multilingual community support . The company provides innovative online trading services and cloud mining products for retail and professional customers around the world , as well as API Support , And strive to become the most reliable trading platform for emerging digital asset categories .

For more information please visit :https://www.bybit.com/

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About NAVI

NAVI It is one of the world's leading E-sports clubs , Founded on 2009 year 12 month 17 Japan . In its long history , The club is in 18 Each discipline is represented : The players have won many awards all over the world . Now? NAVI stay CS:GO, Dota 2, PUBG, Apex Legends, Rainbow Six, Brawl Stars, VALORANT, Free Fire, Wild Rift All have teams .

For more information please visit :https://navi.gg/en/

About WSOT

World Trade Series (WSOT) It's a by Bybit Supported global cryptocurrency trading competition , Advocate the spirit of fair competition , And cultivate the friendship between encryption lovers from all over the world .WSOT Celebrate the positive changes cryptocurrency and technology have brought to our lives .

WSOT according to “ Profit and loss ” Rank players by percentage , Traders compete in a level playing field , No matter how rich they are .

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