London based financial services company ETC Group Will list its entire cryptocurrency exchange traded products on the national stock market in Austria (ETP) Portfolio of , These products offer BTC、ETH and LTC Exposure to .

ETC Group Said in a statement on Wednesday , Vienna Stock Exchange (Wiener Börse) There will be three “100% Supported in kind and cleared by a central counterparty ” The encryption ETP. These include the company's carbon neutral bitcoin products 、 Products based on Wright coin and Ethereum ETP.

ETC Group Already in London 、 In Paris, 、 Amsterdam 、 Similar listings were made on the stock exchanges in Zurich and Frankfurt . these ETP The purpose of is to allow investors to obtain cryptocurrency exposure under the protection of traditional stock supervision . The company has previously said , Its encryption products are like “ adopt ETP structure ” Trading bitcoin , The company said , Its products are different from exchange traded funds , Because they are a single asset tool .

The market maker of the Vienna Stock Exchange will be Lang & Schwarz, These encryption products will be provided by ETP provider HANetf distribution . Even though the name is ETC, but ETC Group It has nothing to do with the cryptocurrency Ethereum classic .

Although it includes ETC Group Companies, including, have launched encryption throughout Europe this year ETP, But exchange traded funds in the United States are still in regulatory purgatory , Because the sec (SEC) No application has been approved .VanEck、Valkyrie Digital Assets、 Fidelity and other companies have submitted applications for encryption to the regulatory authority ETF The file of , But the United States SEC Always postpone decisions , Or solicit public opinions .

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