One of the largest independent financial consulting firms in the world deVere Group CEO and founder of Nigel Green Express , Ethereum's price appreciation will be in 2021 Continue to surpass bitcoin in .

Nigel Green Also think that , Ethereum will be worth more than bitcoin in just a few years .

He said :“ Ethereum outperforms bitcoin , It can be expected that 2021 For the rest of the year , This trend will continue .”

So far this year , Ethereum has risen more than 300%, And by contrast , Bitcoin, the world's most popular digital asset, rose 55%. According to the City AM reports ,Green Supplementary name :“ in fact , First half of this year , It outperformed all other benchmark assets .”

This respected analyst will Ethereum in 2021 The outstanding performance of the year was attributed to two key factors . He said , Ethereum has a higher level of practical potential , It is the most demanding smart contract development platform ,“ This highlights that the network is not only a developer platform , And as a global financial instrument .”

secondly ,Green comments , Investors are facing ETH 2.0“ Change the rules of the game ” The transition is full of , This is not only for Ethereum , Moreover, it is a major promotion for blockchain technology itself .

“ Final , This will mean that it will be worth more than bitcoin —— Maybe in five years .”

however , The company executive is not bearish on bitcoin , He still believes , To 2021 end of the year , Bitcoin will reach or even exceed 4 The record high in mid June 6.5 Thousands of dollars . But he concluded :

“ Ethereum's rise to the top of the encrypted world seems unstoppable .”

According to the British cryptocurrency exchange CoinJar call , Ethereum has surpassed bitcoin in almost all important indicators . stay 8 month 18 In a blog post on , The exchange said , Ethereum has surpassed bitcoin in many ways , Including the number of transactions 、 Total transaction value 、 Daily active Wallet 、 Transaction costs and mining revenue .

according to Coinbase Second quarter report , Ethereum's trading volume is in its 9 It surpassed bitcoin for the first time in its history .

Its second quarter ETH Trading volume accounts for... Of the total trading volume 26%, Higher than in the previous three months 21%, Also higher than BTC In the same period 24%.

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